Otto Knows & Shermanology at Zouk Malaysia.

Party post!
A break from lengthy wordy posts.

So we headed for Zouk for Otto Knows, the guy with the hit single Million Voices. Yes, he only has ONE song with a million hits *no pun intended*.

Baby and I, mind my awkward face. I wasn't ready!

Shermaine and Howie.

Me, Manda & Shermaine.

Howie and Mark.

Didn't take pics of Otto Spinning. It was so bloody crowded I had to stand on the sofa. 
He was okay, not bad, not good. But everyone was drunk and having fun lol.

Then Shermanology was up!
They really got the crowd pumping as Shermanology is made up of 3 individuals.
One DJs and the other two sings.

They were really putting on a show!

Puiyee and Alvin.

Baby and I ♡

Puiyee and I.

The crowd was loving Shermanology.
They played all the right music. And of course their infamous hit, 'You Can't Stop Me Now'. Of course we sang to it!

And that's also when we all started having our own fun.
The usual crazy poses started, flashes went off and so on.

Alvin just keeps trying to take super cannot make it pictures of everyone, so I took one of him trying to take me -.- 

Davern also joined in, guys oh guys.

Wait for this ...

This was probably the night that started the 'Cleavage Shots'.
You'll see more of this in the future.
Brought to you by Mr Howie Goh and Alvin Gold*

With Leon Sherman.

With Shermanology.

I had a great night!
Lots of laughters and fun times.

Till then!


Malin Rouge said…
Haha looks like fun, you surely had a cool night :)



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