✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 (pt. II) ✈

All clear.
The skies were beautifully blue, the air was warm but the breeze cooled us down.
It was an early morning for the both of us, and if you knew me well, you know I have a problem waking up any time before 10am even if I had 8 hours of sleep. 

Nevertheless it was island hopping day and not a minute to be wasted or else we would be missing our trip!

A van picked us up from our hotel and off to the pier where we hopped on to a speed boat.
The seats inside were occupied immediately so we had no choice but to be seated outside without any shade, it's okay since I have no problem with getting tanned haha.

As we set sail out, I was immediately taken away with the gorgeous views all around. The clean emerald colour waters beneath our boat. Plus it was about an hour boat ride to our first destination/island.
Tip 1#, if you love island hopping, snorkeling, etc. do visit Krabi instead of Phuket as Phi Phi island is actually considered to be in Krabi and Krabi is less populated so it would be better for those who are planning their trip more for the oceanic activities.

The boat ride was okay, as I am very sensitive to motion sickness is not a shocker if I had sea sickness, which I did eventually but luckily enough we had to sit infront of the boat so I didn't really feel it plus the wind actually helped, a lot. 

Camwhoring helped too. Kept my mind off how nauseous I felt.

We finally approached a very lovely cove.
As the boat drew closer to the shore, my breath was taken away by this amazing view!
No this is not Phi Phi, it's actually a location where they shot the movie 'The Beach' -- yeah that one where Leonardo Dicaprio was in.

Look at how clear the water is!
I could see everything below me. Fishes, dead corals (lol) and whatever else you would normally expect to be at the bottom of the ocean I suppose.

So we got down from the boat, and had 45 minutes to do whatever we want, novelty pictures, suntanning, walking around, and so on.
Being all touristy cause it's been like 6 years since I've been to Phuket let alone gorgeous islands like this me and the boyfriend took some touristy pictures with the help of our awesome tour guide!

It was really packed, every spot on that tiny stretch of sand was filled with tourist.
But still, the fact that I am surrounded by the beautiful scenery was good enough to wash out the fact that every where I walked, I would've prolly stepped on someone suntanning -.-"


After that we headed to some 'Monkey Island' which is not really anything much, really.
More like a small patch of sand, on a section of an island with monkeys as permanent residents. It was really pointless as I can see monkeys everyday from my bedroom back home, I kid you not.

Then we were taken to this place, which was almost like the first spot but because the tide was too high we couldn't get down. So we were here for some pictures and then off to Phi Phi island for lunch and some relaxation.

On the way to Phi Phi island, we could see lots of speed boats filled with tourist from all around the world. 

I was so hungry that I didn't really take much pictures of Phi Phi.
Had our lunch and then the boat drove out into the ocean away from the shore-line then it stopped in the middle of the ocean for us to snorkle. I was pretty scared cause, I hate to think about all the weird big fishes I might see below and also, seriously? MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN? Lol much.

Nevertheless I managed to spot a baby jelly fish, a few weirdly colored fishes and corals.
Nothing scary. 
We got quite tired of pedaling and swimming we had to pull ourselves back to the boat using the rope. Too bad I don't have any pictures ): downside of traveling as a couple and the only couple.

After that, we quickly headed off to this tiny little island, it was more like a spot in the middle of no where with a hut and lots of sunbeds/chairs.

But I loved it most here, cause 1# it wasn't as packed as the other tourist areas we went to today, 2# I could finally laze and just chill.

Had some ice cream and a pina colada that is served in a coconut!

After laying down for a while we decided to go for a dip.
Would've been a waste if we did not. The water was so warm and inviting!

Love this picture!
Giving out that paradise vibe with just sand and hands lol.

If you followed me on Instagram you prolly would've seen these pictures some time back. That shows how slow I update my Travelogue posts ): so sorry!

Didn't see any fishes though.

Baby and I, having so much fun in the water lol.
I was really cray when I brought my camera with me into the sea. The waves were crashing in and I almost got it wet, but worth it cause these pictures will definitely be a very good reminder of our lovely day out island hopping!

So after all that fun and relaxation we headed back to the mainland.

But so worth it!
Stay tune to two more Phuket post, about the nightlife, food and a wonderful unbelievable stay at Aleenta.

Check out my previous Phuket post here -- http://www.stephanielim.net/2013/03/phuket-2013-pt-i.html

Till then!


Yuh Jiun said…
The water is so clear! What a nice place for getaway :)
Anonymous said…
Such a lovely couple and a nice getaway you had there. Anyway, can you share the link/info about the tour you booked for the island hopping?
Anonymous said…
Can I know how much u paid for the full day island hoping tour?
stephiielim said…
I shall try out that hotel the next time I visit, thanks for the tip! x
stephiielim said…
I have sea sickness though, but might give it a go :)
stephiielim said…
Thank you :) I don't have the link of the tour company but as you walk along the Patong beach side during the day there are tons of vendors/companies selling the day tour. Do check out a few before you make up your mind. Keep in mind about the price, the islands, the type of boat, snorkeling equipments and anything else to you preference. Have fun!
stephiielim said…
About RM100+ which is actually pricey but we were kind of on a tight schedule as I wasnt spending 4 days in Patong and my last night was actually an hours drive away so I had only 'bout 2 days there so when my taxi driver stopped me at his companies traveling agency we just bought the package there. It is abit of a scam as you'll be paying a tad bit more compared to the ones you can hire/get on Patong beach. Hope this helps :)

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