✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 (pt. III) ✈

Continuation of my post where I left off here.

We were pretty tired after a whole day of island hopping, even more so with our skin fairly tanned, we were feeling the fatigue. So as our hotel was on Patong Beach we didn't have to crack our head thinking about what we should have for dinner, instead we just took a stroll and looked at the choices around the area.

Oh by the way, we went for a wonderful massage before dinner. Cause you can't get a massage at least an hour plus after consuming something. Didn't want to take any pictures of the massage parlour as there were guests all over, didn't want to be rude but we went to a fairly decent looking one, just at the corner of our hotel. Traditional Thai massage should cost you about 200baht-300baht the most. If you're paying more than that, probably you went to a really good looking/furnished parlour. 

After that, we just settled at Savoey Restaurant. This restaurant has came a long way since 1980's and they serve a wide array of seafood from crabs, lobsters, oysters, and so on.

You can see the sunburn on his nose! Haha.

So we waited patiently for our food but the table next to us was already complaining, they were even on the verge of just walking off but the waiters saw that happening, came over to apologize and their food arrived in the next few minutes. We worried that ours would take as long as theirs but ours came roughly about the same time as theirs, making the whole situation pretty awkward lol.

We started our dinner with oysters.
I knew that he wouldn't really enjoy it as Thai oysters can be as big as my palm so, I only ordered two.
& I was right, the boyfriend had troubles eating them as it was a bit big for his liking, but the sauces and garnishing definitely helped as it was quite fragrant and yummy.

Then we had our main course.

Seafood platter for two.
Prawns, lobsters, crabs, squid, mussels and clams!
I was abit worried that we might've ordered too much.

Cause we definitely didn't stop there and ordered Fried Glass Noodles with Fresh River Prawns!
.. yeah we definitely over ordered.

Overall, the meals were okay. Not anything to shout about, the choices are definitely there but the flavours are just moderate. Still I had to have my dessert, so Mango Sticky Rice it is!

Our meal costed about RM250, a bit on the pricey side as being on Patong you should be on a bargain hunt!

Nevertheless the night was still young and off we headed to the infamous Bangla Road, where all the night life is.
By 9.30pm, the whole street was filled with tourists, people holding gibbons (small little monkey looking creatures) for you to take picture with, lady boys, and locals trying to win you over to spend some time at their bar.

Since it was still early, it feels a bit like a night market, there are food stalls, shops selling souvenirs and small little trinkets, so on. We walked the whole street, from one end to another, checking out everything. It was totally different from the Phuket I visited 7 years back, exciting too haha.

So we came across a super fine looking lady boy, and I took a picture with her, just to find out that I had to pay 100baht after. Lol, easy money, RM10 for a picture.

But she is freaking pretty!
I cannot help it but she has this angelic smile, with a pretty hot body hahaha.

Then we went to The Roxy for those quirky shows/entertainment. No photos allowed inside, but The Roxy was by far decent looking, and not as dodgy as some of the rest we checked out. Some was like at the back of some alley, some was hidden in a corner. Well, I didn't want to watch all these weird quirky shows but since I'm there, why not.

After that, we headed to Hollywood Club also on Bangla Street where we just chilled, see how people in Phuket party and drank the night away. The music was not too bad, two separate rooms, one just R&B music and the other was house/trance music.

We left the place about 3am and headed for some McDonalds.
We were pretty tipsy..

But it was all good, and you can ignore my super cannot make it face lol.
Tired, tipsy and still hungry but so full from drinks haha.

Well I did enjoy my last night on Patong, it was really really fun.
All the new things I came across that night.

Well we had a wonderful sleep as we both knocked out the moment we fell on the bed.

Had a wonderful breakfast the next morning, and waited for our chauffeur to come pick us for our next destination!

Bye bye Holiday Inn Express Patong!
You definitely made my stay in Patong a wonderful one.

Stay tune to the last Phuket post coming up soon!

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