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More about my look below*

 Anyways we tried out this new place called Tujo few days back, it use to be 7ate9. 
Located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Precisely at The Ascott Residence. 

Love how the place is more colorful and comfortably decorated now. More cafe like-ish, so airy and spacious!

So we were having our super late brunch at 5pm after hours of driving around KL finding a venue for my birthday. I needed a glass of beer so badly, I prefer ciders to beer though and I think most girls too haha.

Us just chilling, felt so happy to be sitting indoors but with the sun gleaming in through the glass panels. Feels like I am having a meal outdoor.

Simple armcandy for the day.
Was to lazy to pile tons of things up as I knew I was going to busy running around town.

Anyways we didn't have time for the whole appetiser, main course and dessert thing. So here it is our main courses.

I had the Tom Yum Seafood Fettuccine.
The Tom Yum flavor was mild, just the way I like it as it's not too spicy as I can't take spicy food but still it was full of flavor from herbs and such. They didn't stinge on the ingredients too which were plus points. Giant scallop, prawns, mushroom and chicken.
Rating : ♥♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥♥

He ordered the Chorizo Bolognese Spagetti.
I didn't taste it as I was indulging on my dish so I can't give a review for this sadly but the boyf did say it was not bad.

Definitely coming back to try out the other items on the menu!

Fun finishing touches were the games on everytable, old school games like the 5 stones, bottlecaps and even the colorful pick up sticks games. We ended up chilling there longer than we were supposed to because it was that comfortable!

Anyways outfit of the day time!
Did a hair bun as I was lazy, took me less than 5 minutes. Would anyone be interested in a tutorial? Haha. And dark lips with simple make up.

Top : H&M (worn as a mini dress)
Clutch : Forever 21
Rings : H&M
Shoes : Rockport *sponsored*
Cross bracelete : ASOS
Necklace : H&M
Watch : Adidas *sponsored*


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