Club Asahi : Miami ♡ 2013

Penang here I come!
Just for Club Asahi : Miami ♡
We left Kuala Lumpur early in the morning, got stuck in a bit of a jam along the way but it is all good, as I was super stoked for Club Asahi : Miami ! Especially since I missed out on the previous one Club Asahi : Tokyo. Which gave party-goers a glimpse of Tokyo, Japan’s party central. 

Checked into our hotel overlooking Gurney.

Our room was spacious! Had a living area, dining table, separate bedroom with a huge bathroom and a tub! Had a cup of tea before we headed out for dinner and off to Club Asahi.


We reached Soju Room about 8.30pm and the placed was decorated full on glitz and glamour Miami style. With two hummers beside the gigantic Asahi sign!

I was so amazed with the effort made by the people from Asahi in transforming this place, bringing Miami to Penang, for just one night only (;

Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers and yours truly.
We couldn't wait to sashay our booty to the uplifting beats that awaits us inside.

Talk about going all out! All these totally hyped up the excitement of partying the night away with buckets of Asahi Super Dry and acts flown in from Miami later!

After the media presentation and a little look around the area we walked in VIP style ala' Miami club scene with the red carpets and spotlights all around.

Having our pictures taken by the backdrop and hot Asahi ambassadors!

As we walked in, the high ceiling of Soju Room took my attention. Good choice of venue, so far Club Asahi has proven to be observant in every detail. Venue selection is definitely the major factor to be considered. High ceilings like the clubs in Miami. I LIKE! 

It was super packed! Waves of people kept coming to Soju Room; I could see the excitement on everyones face for tonights festivities. Buckets and buckets of Asahi Super Dry filled every table, there wasn't a guest without a bottle of Asahi. We were led to the VIP room to have a meet and greet with the international acts for the night.

DJ Henrix and Kyroman.

They will be showcasing some new 'material' and they promised a very spectacular and out of this world performance! I was definitely looking out for this.

We were then ushered to our table.

And a nice cold bucket of Asahi awaiting.


Party pictures :

My room mate and KL kaki for this trip, Kate.

Kate, myself, Coke, DJ Monkey & Funkzu who were the opening acts of the night.

Hot russian dancers suspended mid-air!
What a performances, I was literally on the edge of my seat.

Really talented acrobats!

Kate, myself, Cherrie and Cassie.

Then the act that everyone was waiting for..

Came out on stage on stilts under that LED costume with guns that shoots smoke and sparkles!
It was exhilarating! You could see everybody's eyes on the stage.

After all the pyrotechnics, Kyroman got out of his costume and joined DJ Henrix on the decks spinning the best party tunes all through the night.

Couldn't take my eyes off the gorgeous Russian dancers.

Monster Yan and I.

Penangnites really know how to party!

It was one awesome party, Soju Room was transformed into Miami with vibes that exudes the Miami party scene. The acts were great, the music was awesome and the choice of beverage was definitely what got everything going. 

It was surely a party I was lucky enough not to miss thanks to Asahi Malaysia!
Now I can't wait for the next Club Asahi installment.


The next day we checked out during lunch time and headed to the infamous Penang street to have the local delicacies like Char Koey Teow, Curry Laksa, Ocean and so on. 

Filled up our tummy for our journey back to Kuala Lumpur.

Was having issues saying goodbye as I was still buzzing from last night's awesomeness :'(

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Will see you guys at the next one!


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