Getting buttered on my birthday! ♡

Firstly I didn't want anything crazily fancy this year.
Can't keep topping off my previous though this year was pretty crazy enough.

Had a simple dinner with friends at Jake's Charboiled Steaks.

Three bottles of wine and wagyu medium done (:
My favorite!

So juicy and tender mm yums!

After that we headed to Butterfactory to party the night away.

Me and May, finally she's back from Macau.

Jeremy and I.

Me, Emms and Rachel.

Winson, Yvonne, Jeewei and I.

Carebear Ezra and I.
And apparently he showed up to watch me down a bottle of champagne.
Oh my cray friends.

I actually do not fancy champagne all the time.
It's too bubbly, prolly nice if you were sipping it watching the sunset or in a bubble bath listening to your fav jazz music, but a real bad choice in clubs as it makes me so bloated and tons of trips to the loo. *facepalm*

Patricia and I.

Yujia and I.

It was a great night out, and still holding on to my record of not puking or getting drunk on my birthday! Yayyerrrs. By the way this is part two of my birthday. I had another party the day before and that was crazy mad. Stay tune for that post.

In the meantime, like what I'm wearing?

The dress and heels costs me about RM100! What a steal. Plus the material is acceptable (:
Do check out their facebook page and website for your perfect outfit.

Facebook :
Website :

Do like their facebook page to stay updated with the latest info!

Till then!


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