Hard Rock Sofa ♥

So this time round we headed to Zouk for Hard Rock Sofa's debut.
Their show got canceled during the SHM gig earlier this year, and people were stoked to have them back now.

The ladies and I.

Baby and I being all silly as usual.

Kent, Alex and Ryan.

Puiyee and I.

Hi meet my alcoholic friend Alvin!

Haha I'm just kidding. I actually had a bottle of Jager there for the longest time, cause we always ended up forgetting about it. So happens the custody ends that night so we had to finish the whole bottle by then. This guys kept downing it just to finish it *poor thing* haha. Learnt my lesson, no more jager bottles, what a killaaa. 

Howie, Alvin and Jet.

Me, Puiyee, Melissa, Nat and photobomber Aiden at the back!

Hard Rock Sofa minus one. The other guy was sick so he couldn't make it.

It was definitely a fun night, it's always a fun night at mainroom.

Denis Chepikov from Hard Rock Sofa and us.

Till then!


Henry Tan said…
wooo party rocking in da house!
stephiielim said…

You'd be interested in . . .