Markus Schulz, Jochen Miller at KL Live // Swanky Tunes at Zouk Club.

Markus Schulz at KL Live last month.
We were there just in time for Jochen Miller's set. I've never heard Jochen's live sets ever but I have to say, he's really good!

The place was packed to the brim when we got there.
Oh wells, we were late so I guess everyone else was there way much earlier.

Howie, me, Darryl and Matt.

Aiden and I.


Then it was Markus Schulz time!
We were coming up with names the whole day like "Hey we can't wait to Schulzing tonight", I know right -- pretty lame lol.

This was when the crowd went CRAZYYYY!

Narisha and I.

Well we left 30 minutes earlier before the thing ended cause we were rushing to Zouk for Swanky Tunes. Crazy right, haha!
Luckily they didn't end at 3am, or else that would be pretty sad as we skipped out on Markus's last set.

Puiyee and I.

Swanky Tunes!

Surprisingly the whole usual bunch was there.
It was one hell of a night, laughing, dancing, singing, jumping, pretty tiring night too.

Vicharn and I.

Me and Marie going cray, I seriously don't know what went on inside my head lol.

CS and I.

Alvin and his forever, "I am going to take a candid shot of everyone" vibe.
This guy just wants to have a collection of his friends looking ugly, pftt tsk tsk.

Guys downing bottles of beer.
Gosh I hate the fact that I get drunk on beer way easier than hard liquor.

After their set we headed backstage to meet Swanky Tunes!

Love it when DJs are super friendly!
And these guys are really down to earth :D

After Swanky Tunes we continued our night and headed to Velvet, always the second round spot.
Bumped into TONSSSSS of familiar faces.

Howie, Ezra and Ken.

Audrey and I.

Howie, Ken, myself and Mo.

Was one crazy night, wait, it is always a crazy night whenever we continue at Velvet till 5am.

Till then!


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