✈ Melbourne 2012 : Roadtrippin' [pt. II] ✈

Continuation from my posts couple of days back.
After the Koala Sanctuary we headed for some wine tasting. Something I was looking forward to. Not because I am a wine connoisseur or such but because of all the wine I can drink or more likely, finish up haha.

The overly excited boyfriend.

Set in a cute little cottage we were invited inside to sit and enjoy glasses of wine accompanied with fresh fruits,  bread, cheese and crackers.

I had fun and was really delighted tasting savouring everything.
One of the few glasses of wine we tried that day. The boyfriend doesn't enjoys wine so I get to have all his share! Double yay.

After that we chilled for a while at the yard before we headed off to the next destination.

He was trying to chew off my face, lol.

The sun was setting by then.
Our next stop was a scenic tour of the island.

We came to this place where you get to see the cliffs, shores and mini island of the island hahaha.

Not as breathtaking as the 12 Apostles but still a sight to behold.
The water was so clear, the breeze was chilly and all you hear are waves crashing on the rocks.

Being all touristy, here's a shot of me with the gorgeous background!

Felt like I was in New Zealand for the day.

More pictures of us :

Well that's the whole point of going there right, scenic views and postcard pictures.
It was getting really cold and we were worried about later as the penguin viewing will be outdoors. So much for not doing our research before hand.

Our last stop for the day was the Penguin Parade!

No pictures are allowed inside due to the flash. So I snapped a few before it started.

Tips if you're ever going for the penguin parade during winter.
1# Bring a blanket, a small but thick one cause it is really chilly.
2# You might need raincoats, or a hat and cardigan will do. The seabreeze blows droplets of water so you might feel a little wet.
3# Tissues! The benches are muddy and sandy, so you might want to wipe them before you sit on them.
4# Something to munch, you'll get hungry from all that waiting. Cause you'll have to wait for a while before you see any penguins.

The penguins are actually really really small. I have no idea what breed are they but they seems like dwarf sized penguins. Still cute, especially how they wobble around shaking off the water. When they start walking back to their burrows, oh god, that's the cutest part!

So there's no pictures or video as we weren't allow to take any so you have to visit this place to see how cute they are.

After the parade it was back to the city for us.

Picture of the day ♥

For those who are wondering, day trips like these cost between AUD$99-AUD$150 depending on your traveling agent and the packages.

Till then!



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