#OOTD : Dreamscape + Random trip to Genting!

So couple weeks back we decided to head up to Genting Highlands.
It was a spontaneous decision as we had nothing to do on a Sunday, and KL was way too hot we needed a break.

Off we went all the way up until Gohtong Jaya for an early dinner. I love their "Sang Har Tung Fun" *I guess that's how you spell it*, everytime I head up to Genting my family will definitely stop by Gohtong Jaya just for this.

Manda and her, I am bored can we eat now face haha.
We ordered the large one with four huge river prawns inside. It is basically glass noodles, prawns in a yummy broth that is flavored with chinese wine and of course, prawns. 

After that we continued our way up to Genting!

Finally there, and look what my friend is holding haha.
I brought up a bottle of wine and we chilled outside drinking it like nobody's business.

The five of us, Manda, Darryl, Howie, Erin and I.

Acting all silly!

Remember my earlier post about Dreamscape?

Since I was in Genting I decided to wear one of their sweaters!
Love it so much as it kept me warm, but it wasn't too thick.

Loving the print 

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After all the walking around we headed to the casino, my second time at Genting casino. I think I've spent more time in casino's abroad then the one in my own country, lol. Prolly cause I can't stand old men shouting 24/7 *headache*.

Erin had beginners luck that night!

Well that's all for now, till then!



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