Supersonic Futuristic Monophonic ♡

Party pictures!
Mind the title, it came from a song haha.
So here's a compilation of party pictures. Names, places, very little words.

Yujia and I at Butterfactory.

Howie and Davern, second rounding at Velvet. Just one of THOSE nights.

Erin and Darryl.

Getting photobombed by Darryl lol.

Shermaine and Howie.

Marie doing her thangggg lol.

Me, Manda and Shermaine.

Howie and Mark at Mainroom Zouk.

Baby, me and Michelle at Butterfactory.

Michelle Ho and I at Butterfactory.

The boys and a crown ; Minfei, Howie, David.


Melissa, me and Puiyee.

We just love to feel the beats, the rhythm that goes through our viens and those blinding lights seems to take the night away ♡

Till then!


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