take a little sneak peek ♡

Ignore my messy hair.
Simple yet classy #OOTD I guess? If my hair didn't pop out from the side like that zzz.
Anyhoo's I see people sharing how their rooms look like on their blogs, should I do one too? But mine could be a tad bit weird haha. Red drapes, black and white walls, chandelier. Tell me what you think, should I do it or not? :D

And I got new blings to fill up my accessories closet!

That's just half of it.

And this is about all of it, some are still lying on the table lol.

Okay simple post, of something regular haha.
I realized I hardly do this anymore ):

Till then!



Povy Teng said…
Woman, i have exactly the same accessories closet as you do! Loving the simple yet interior of ya room! Sweet with the chandelier. :)
stephiielim said…
Hahaha I think Chammaine also has it, best investment for my jewelries ever! Thanks babe, gonna improve it abit soon. A bit cramp now lol.

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