Absolut Unique | One of A Kind, Millions of Expressions.

Thanks to the people at Absolut, I received this one of a kind bottle in a frame! Adding it to my Absolut collection (:

Everything we do, achieve and purchase is an expression of oneself. Hence the ultimate goal is to come up with something to their target audience’s image. Subconsciously consumers will view the product as an extension of themselves, as a way to express themselves, show their status, make a statement or conform to a group.

Absolut a new product range that allows each of their consumers the ability to express themselves uniquely!
 Absolut will be distributing 4 million bottles into retail, each featuring a unique design. In order to make this happen, the brand had to do a complete re-engineering of the company’s production plant in Sweden to ensure that no two bottles are designed alike. This incorporated combining 38 bright colors and 51 abstract patterns. Absolut estimates that, theoretically, “94 quintillion uniquely designed bottles could be produced before two identical ones appear. That’s more than 13 billion bottles per person on the planet.”

Get yours today! It's so pretty, its on the bar top of my house. Lovely colors and unique packaging.
Such a pretty bottle, should I take a sip? Or keep it in like this? :)


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