✈ Melbourne 2012 pt. (VII) ✈

I just love filling up my blog with long overdued Melbourne posts.
I really do miss this place.

Just another sunny day walking around the CBD window shopping, snacking, just taking everything in.

Probably my favorite street musician. He's really talented. I sold off my phone so I dont have the video I recorded of him already /:

Buy his CD if you do go to Melbourne and see him playing on the streets, they're about $10 each only anyways.

So as usual, one of our late lunches.
At this lovely place along the Yarra River.

Where all the posh cafe's and bars are at. It gets really packed during happy hour.

While waiting for what we ordered.

Pan seared scallops and mango trio.
I love the dessert! The panna cotta was just superb, so was the mango sorbet mmm yums.

After that we headed to Nobu for some light snacks.
They do serve tapas sized items, you just have to sit upstairs while full fine dining is below.

So we ordered :

Edamame just cause I felt like nibbling something haha.

Trio flavour half a dozen oysters.
So friggin gooooood.

Black Miso Cod mini size.

I prefer the usual portion, these just tasted normal to me. Which was kind of a disappointment. 

By the time we were done it was dark and Crown had it's usual 'fire show' every hour from 8pm-11pm I think. Correct me if I am wrong. Oh me, I felt all touristy as I never knew about this though I've been there a few times (face palm).

One of the other night, Puzzle Events had a massive event at Crown. So I tagged along with baby and the rest.

Baby and I

Suphanee and I

Major lasers!
*no pun intended*

Mel, Su and I.

Jason, Mervyn and Howie.

DJ Bombshell doing her thing.

All the guys were definitely oogling over her haha.

Luqman and I.

Abi and I.

Mark who was on vacation too.

Howie, Kai and Mark.

Last but not least Wendi and I.

It was a fun night but so so so cold.

Till more post!

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