Trying the blogger application on my phone. So here comes something new, well I did an earlier one but that's from my computer. This is reaaaaaal short recaps! Haha.

1. Miss World 2013, remember to Like my picture on the Miss World page. // dress from Cocktail Evening. 

2. Make up session courtesy of MAC make up (that's when I feel in love with this fuchsia/neon pink lipstick)

3. #whatmyboyfriendwore when we were leaving KL to Singapore!


5. Some Ladurée goodness! Been a while since I had good macarons but these are the epitome of one of the finest. A box of six cost us about RM100

6. Stuffs from SSUR, HBA, Misfit x SSUR, April 77 jeans and oh my macarons :p

7. My #OOTN

8. Su and I at Dom Lounge, Friday night clubbing.

9. Funds at Bugis! So many steals muahahaha.

10. StyleNanda inspired look.

11. Clubbing at Fenix Room, Singapore. Magnum Belvedere and bottles of Dom. 

12. Our very messy steamboat session at Hai Di Lao. Haha.

13. Candy coloured us heading to another night of clubbing. Our #OOTN.

14. Last night in Singapore was spent at One Altitude with baby, Yvonne and her friends. Fun chilling night.

15. We ended up at the casino after drinks haha.

16. My look of the night ❤ what you think?

17. Our cute mini supper hahaha.

18. At Ku Dé Ta

19. Essentials at Ku Dé Ta ❤

20. Lunch at Mozza, super delish!

Well that's all for now, nights late night readers :p 




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