#DIY : Flower Garland V2 ♡

First laid my eyes on a flower crown/flower garland when I saw it in Lana Del Rey's music video. I told myself I need one of that!
Sadly the ones I could find in shops like F21 or Diva wasn't impressive at all or really small. So I decided to make one on my own. The first one I did was a headband version, as I thought it would be easier to wear and bring around, I wasn't too happy with the first one as the thing doesnt go around my head fully and it sticks out really high when I wear it. So here goes my second attempt! 

I'm making a full crown of flowers. So I need double the amount of flowers than the first! Thank god the florists was having a discount, so I got these fake flowers for half the price. You don't need super expensive flowers for this but make sure they don't look too fake or cartoonish cause it'll just look weird whole. Lana Del Rey's one is a mixture of dark blue, grey and white roses. But I could only find black daisies (I'm guessing the flowers I bought are daisies lol). So that'll do. Tell me what you think! :)

Things you need :

1. Hot glue gun (I got mine from ACE Hardware for only RM10)
2. Glue sticks -- cause the gun doesnt comes with refills.
3. Green wire, or gardening wire.
4. Cloth tape *optional*
5. Flowers *not in picture*
6. Pliers or cutters *not in picture*

Steps :

1. Loop the wire around your head making an estimation of where you want it to sit. Some people like it higher (smaller loop), or lower (bigger loop) etc. 

2. Make a second round to make it more sturdy then cut it so you can move on to step three.

3. Twist the ends to the loop to hold/bond. (This is why you only cut it AFTER making two loops)

4. Take a third piece of wire, already cut, and make it go in and out like a snake on the double loop you've made.

5. Finally you get to see how my flowers looks like! I chose black as it will easily go along with my clothes. And get your pliers/cutters ready. You need to trim the flowers with about 2cm of stem left. 
As usual save the leaves and baby flowers just incase.

6. Now comes the tricky part. Cause the stems on the flowers have metal in them made it slightly easier. I recommend getting flowers like these if you're following my steps 100%. Put the stems through the loop you've made, going in between the three wires until you reach the end of the stem. This ensures the fit of the flowers on the loop to be tight so they won't fall off. Continue doing this till you've filled the whole loop.

7. For the last step, remember all the leaves and tiny flowers you've saved? Use them to cover the wires and also the ends of the wires which might end up poking your head if you miss out this step. Alternatively you can use the cloth tape to cover the wires and bond them together. But I felt the crown was slightly empty and I wanted it to be more packed. So using the hot glue gun, bond the leaves to the ugly insides of the crown/loop. Do it till the whole thing is covered and there's no wire insight. 

Fill empty gaps with baby flowers and more leaves till you have something that looks like this :

And you're done!
It was quite easy and simple to me but could be tricky to first timers. Maybe you could try out the easier one http://www.stephanielim.net/2013/04/diy-roses-garland.html then move on to this. Plus you get different type of varieties then :) I hope you have fun making them as I did and do share them with me or if there's any way to improve feel free to comment below.

Till then, xx.


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