♡ LOUD 3rd Anniversary °( ◕ ω ◕ )°

LOUD was celebrating its third year at Zouk some time back. Well, for those of you that don't know LOUD is a club night held at the Mainroom of Zouk on every Saturday night. LOUD plays EDM tracks through out the whole night, DJs Goldfish, Blink, & Hypeembeats will be spinning from 11pm-4am.

So anyways, we headed to Zouk around 12ish.
It was super packed that night!

Davern, Howie and Vicharn.

Myself and shorty Louis.

Manda and I -- painted tiny heart shapes on my nails.

Davern and Howie.

This time 'round, when I am always the one capturing peoples candid moments.. well, it was the other way round that night T.T 
It started quite humbly with just a few silly faces, but as the night continued on, Marie, Puiyee, Mel and I just got more -- excited? Haha!

Marie, myself, Puiyee and Mel.

Time to annoy this guy with our peace signs lol.

And then this guy haha.

CM, Howie and Alvin.

Guys vs. Girls

Marie's butt. Epic.

Trying to pull off Gyiyomi *is that how you spell it?*. Of all things, Gyiyomi! Lol. Guess that's what alcohol does to you.

CM, Jet and Howie. Trying to copy how silly we were haha.

Flying planes.
Seriously looking back at all the pictures the next morning I really have no idea what we were doing/thinking. It was fun and I am definitely laughing as I am typing this out now.

'all seeing eye'


It was definitely one fun night!

The three awesome DJs of that night.
They were trying to copy the Whatsapp emoticon in the second picture hahah. Things we do when the lights come on.

Till then!



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