✈ Melbourne 2012 : Chin Chin ✈

Chin Chin in Melbourne, Australia is widely known among locals and even tourists (like me! heh) as it's one of Melbourne's famous restaurants, where people actually wait for their table which can take up to more than an hour. 

We left our numbers there one day, and only got called for our tables like two hours later. Obviously we didn't make it as it was way past dinner time. So on another day, we went about 5pm made a booking/left our numbers there and walked around town for a bit. 

They don't take reservations FYI.

We got a call about an hour later so we headed back to that place. They told us our table would be ready soon, and we can chill at their bar downstairs called the Gogo Bar. Good selling advantage I would say, as we waited 'bout 30-45mins still.

It was pretty dark so I didn't want to point my flash at people waiting in line, having their drinks.
Our tummies couldn't take it so we ordered some light snacks.

We ordered the Pork Bun which was quite good and fish cakes which were about average to me.

Finally we were ushered to our table.
It was a cosy restaurant. Simple interior so don't bother overdressing.
Australians can be really casual at times, even after waiting hours for a table haha.

The restaurant was packed, food were seen leaving the kitchen non-stop. Guests in and out.
But it was not overly noisy or anything. It still felt comfortable.

Baby looking through the menu. 
There were tons of choices as you can see. Chin Chin serves fusion Thai cuisine.
From Spicy Corn & Coriander Fritters to Kingfish Sashimi, Green Curry Chicken, Pork Roll-ups and so much more. 

Their quirky drinks menu.
So cute.

While waiting for someone to take our orders (yes, you even have to wait for that).

I just couldn't help it. 

Anyways our food arrived.
First thing I noticed was beansprouts on every dish we ordered. I don't know if ALL the dishes looked like that or only the ones we ordered. 

Of course the boyfriend had a terrible shocked.
He hates beansprout. Worst enemy I would say haha.

But the size of every portion was worth the price. 
You can share among 2-3 people. 

Well, we ordered a few dishes. I stopped taking pictures as usual. 
I waited two hours for dinner obviously I was super hungry I forgotten about pictures and reviews! My bad ): But overall, in my opinion, there's nothing much to shout about. Probably cause Malaysia is like the neighbouring country of Thailand, and we can have Thai food most of the time, even conveniently at shopping malls and so on that I don't find the food at Chin Chin spectacular. 

Still a worth it try, but nothing to brag about.

So after dinner we took a stroll around the city back home. It was cold, wet but still lovely.

Flinders Street Station, where it's usually packed with people during the day but so quiet and nice at night. At least I feel safe walking around the city at night. I wouldn't be able to do this back in Kuala Lumpur.

Till then! 

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Kelvin Tan said…
So....what's the attraction of that restaurant till people wait in line?
stephiielim said…
oops, forgot to write that part down haha. Actually I have no idea. The food is about 7.5/10 for me. It's average - pricey. The staffs were fine when I was there but I read some bad reviews about them. Maybe to the Australians, they hardly get good thai food?
Henry Lee said…
I think the food looks so so from the photos... haha... seems like a dead town to me. Everyone said there's nothing much to do at night there
stephiielim said…
Yeap, it's just average to me. Would choose Nobu over this anytime. Well that depends on the person, if you enjoy doing something every night, mamak stops, and such then yeah, this would be a dead town to you. In Melbourne, it's usually karaoke nights on Thursdays, clubbing on Friday until 4am & Saturday until 7am haha. So I guess a Sunday - Wednesday rest is quite reasonable especially if you're there studying.

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