✈ Singapore July 2013 [pt. I] ✈

I ended my July with a bang!
Seriously, so much happened I can't even remember some of it. Thanks to technology (something I'm really grateful for having 24/7) I can recall some things through pictures, and there I go shaking my head, thinking what the hell was I doing lol.

Anyways mid July we made a spontaneous trip to Singapore, booked my tickets one or two days before I left. Here we come for the weekends!

Even when our flight was in the afternoon, I still had puffiness in my eyes. Luckily enough they didn't turn out to be eyebags but super thick eyelids hahaha. Well, we reached about lunch time so we walked around the airport for a bit. We had no clue what we can or cannot bring into Singapore. Thank god we didn't get fined for anything.

Chilled at the rooftop for a bit, then we took a cab to Raffles.
Met up with Kai Young and headed for lunch nearby.
Took a webcam picture while chilling before heading out. Click HERE for that.

After being silly, we dined at Brozeit cause Kai Young didn't know we had these in KL -.-

But it's all good as I could really do with some pork knuckles at that time, I was mad starving!
Then we walked around Orchard Road. How could anyone visit Singapore and skip out on Orchard Road right?

Outfit of the day :
Blazer - Zara
Top - Bershka
Sunglasses - ASOS
Bag - Givenchy
Shorts - H&M
Bracelet - Balenciaga

We went into Mandarin Gallery and went crazy at the Ambush store which sells brands like SSUR, HBA, the likes.

Well we ended up over spending in the few hours we got there -.- super face palm moment.
Couldn't help it especially when it is so hard to get brands like that in KL where everything ends up being 'limited edition' just cause big shops bring in limited quantity in. Pfft.

Anyways the ever so lively Orchard Road!

It was a Friday and it was packed.
Could be tourist, could be the locals but who knows. 

Finally dinner time!
And this is record breaking, cause for the first time Howie Goh is eating his greens!

Seriously shocking as he never eats vegetables!
But for the first time he did. And in that moment I was really shocked. Haha okay no big news for y'all.

We got home after, changed, the guys rushing us girls (me and Suphanee). Then we headed to Marina Bay Sands to party the night away.

'nuff said.

Baby and I.

Suphanee and I ;
both dressed to our nines.

We headed to Dom Lounge.
Party pictures up ahead!

Baby, me, Kai Young and Chua.

Myself and Suphanee.

Big bottles also known as magnums/teddy/whatever of Belvedere and Moet.

I would probably gain some muscles if I had to lift that about 5 times each arm. Oh wait I need both arms to lift it up lol.

The guys.
Happy Birthday Darren! 
I was just at his birthday in KL and we all ended up in Singapore for another round.

Super candid picture which turned out pretty funny. Looked like Darren gave Kai Young a punch hahaha.

Kai Young and Howie.

Baby and I.

"How are we going to finish this?"... Kai Young

The after party was getting home.
Tipsy fella's walking out of Marina Bay Sands.

We even had fun during our walk lol.

Suphanee and I, who gave up walking in heels. Marina Bay Sands is huge, the walking distance from one end to the other is torturing! But I semangat lah, so whatever.

Well thats all for the first day, we stayed till Monday so more posts to come!

Till then!


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