My birthday post!

Didn't know how to celebrate my birthday this year, and as usual every year before I would be saying that I will not hold a birthday party next year but I still do hah! So it was kind of stressful figuring out where to have my birthday celebration this year as clubs were out of the picture, didn't want to be running in and out, karaoke is kind of tricky as not everyone is going to sing or drink. So I opted for something simpler. 

Checked in to my birthday venue around noon at E&O Residences in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Loved the interior of the place and the surroundings. But the service at the reception and guest manager was shit. I had to wait 30 minutes to check in eventhough I paid days before. The room was ready, it was just that they couldn't get their paper works done in time. Really bad for a well establish company! There was another guest waiting and complaining for hours, and another guessed was told that his reservation was mixed up and he didn't have a room that night. Pity that guy. 

Though I brushed it off as it was my birthday and nothing could spoil it (:

We took two bedroom apartment with one study room, which I had no use for but I love the size of the unit! The big airy lounge area. Just enough to fit my guests and also there was five us staying there that night.

The view from the room.
It was huge, comfortable and mod. I love modern interiors!
The master bedroom was just nice in size and we had a huge bathroom. 

His and hers.
Great for couples or families staying for a long haul. But you'll probably be fed up with the breakfast they serve everyday. It was stale and horrid. Plus the service from the reception was so slow. I guess they have lack of staffs but still not an excuse especially when you're paying so much.

Headed to the pool for a chilling session with the bunch.

Bikini by Solmer Swims.
Love the bright pop of colour!

Just chilling by the pool.

After that we all headed up to change and get ready for dinner.

Joyee, Erin, Seewai and I.

Chose Strato for my birthday dinner with them cause I love the ambience and.. CARPACCIO hahahaha.

After dinner we chilled at the bar for a bit as we were still early, and it's my birthday, I didn't want to rush!

Us girls.

With the boys Darryl, Brandon and Howie.

Back at the place.
Everyone started coming in. Was a bit of a hassle to go down and bring one by one up but luckily everyone took turns so the birthday girl can stay and enjoy her party hehe.

Thanks to the dear boyf for the gigantic poster of myself which everyone took turns to sign and leave 'sweet' messages for me, appreciate it!

That's my very happy friend Michelle haha.

Finally everyone was here! Well, almost anyways.
Group picture!

My group of buddiesss.

And lovely girlfriends.
All so colourfuuul ♡

Finally the clock was about to strike to midnight and lo' behold, my super cute Hello Kitty cake!

It's just so awesomely cute I still have the head of the kitty in my refrigerator haha.

Making my wish and someone got too excited and decided to pop the confetti everywhere lol.
Finally it's twelve!
Here I am turning "twenty one" harhar.

I was really afraid of the confetti thingy, it was superbly big.
Shared a birthday kiss with the boyf hehe.

Mwah mwah then it was time to cut the cake.
Surprisingly all my guests devoured it and I had no left overs! Must be one yummy buttercake.

With Kelly and rockstar Casey!

Typically the birthday girl had to down some shots or bottles.
But it was all good, you'll see why later haha ;)

Manda and I.

Sangdaw, me and Michelle.

The lovely couple; Renee and CM.

These two jokers who got there just after midnight *rolls eyes* ; Nick and Collin.

Howie, CS, Brandon and Darryl.

Joyee and Seewai.
I was holding the card she made for me ♡
 Every year without fail since we were in highschool, my bestie is ze bestt.

Finally the boyfriend and I with his present to me.
So sweet of him to plan it all out and got it all the way from Hong Kong cause I was looking for this for the longest time and gave up waiting for the KLCC branch to bring it in.

Jeewei, Winson, KS, Howie, Me, Hyunchae and Ian.

It was a nice, intimate evening where I could finally socially and hang out with my guests.
Totally fun as every one got along and drank together, talked and got to know each other. Yeah most of them knew each other and go way back but some don't and every one made an effort to talk to each other heh heh.

So most of them left about 4am? Well the rest stayed on till morning.
Super hardcore friends I have I tell youuu.

Here's Darryl already yawning and Brandon still wide awake, wee hours in the morning.
I was still standing and not even tipsy! Haha #somuchwin.

After some time someone, or more like two people finally went down.
Guess who.

It wasn't me but Louis and Howie haha!
Birthday girl still standing but two of them ended up drunk tskk.
They blamed it on all the mixing of alcohols. Could be the case since there were beers, wine, brandy, whisky, tequila, champagne and even ice wine lol.

It was a fun night overall and I only got to bed at 7am!
Probably the best birthday ever, period. I know it seems simple and my other birthdays looked like it could top this off, but the part where I got to actually sit down and have conversations with my friends beats it all. 

We checked out the next day and headed for lunch that was when my nightmare begun (more like frustration).

I shall continue that in my next post as I want to leave this post memorable and nice, and also cause it'll be a lengthy frustrating one!

Till then, xx.


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