#OOTD : Like fairy dust ♡

It was a Sunday afternoon and we got up pretty early ; Sundays are usually lazy day but we made it productive this time. 
Headed to Desa Park City, cause sadly this is the only park in my state that actually feels safe and took a stroll, saw plenty of cute dogs all around from Husky's to Doberman'. 

Outfit of the day :
Denim top from Pull & Bear
Asymmetrical skirt from Supre
Yellow studded flats from ALDO
Flower headband from Forever 21

We had fun walking around, talking and watching this dude flying this high-tech kite and talking to himself lol.

It was a day well spent and I love it! :)

Did this updo by tucking all the hair into the headband, simple and quick. Especially when you don't have any hairbands lying around. Might do a tutorial, what do you think? :)

Till then!



Unknown said…
Hi, how did you tuck your denim top the way as shown in the photos?
stephiielim said…
Just a normal tuck in like how you would tuck in anything :)

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