shake it, break it, make it bounce ♡

Party pictures that comes once in a while ♡
Less captions, more pictures.

Our own after party after MMW.

Aud, Coco, Brenda, Sherine and myself.


Grand opening of Providence, Kuala Lumpur.

Howie, Brandon and Darryl.

Louis and his new friend.

Erin and Stephanie.

Thirst quenchers.

Erin, Brenda and Megan.

baby boy and I ♡

Second round at Velvet.

Brandon dancing along to PSY's song lol.

Howie and KS.

Puiyee, Edric and Howie.

Puiyee & Howie.

Erin & Steph ♡

A Friday night at Velvet with the bunch.

Puiyee, Alvin & Howie.

Howie, yours truly & Esther, with Edric's annoying hand/fingers.

The couple! ♡

Then I became Esther's temporary partner for a while haha.
We partied till 5.30am that night, the lights were on since 5am lol.

The boys, Vicharn, Blink, Jeremy, Alvin, Edric and Howie.

Till then!



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