Showtek ; Zouk, Kuala Lumpur 2013 ♡

This has been a long overdued post from a while back.

Finally I managed to watch Showtek UPCLOSE in my homeland MALAYSIA!
The last time was in Melbourne and I was jumping just to get a glimpse of them.

One of my favourite DJs Showtek!
When I found out they would be playing at Zouk, I was stoked. Couldn't wait.

That night was crazily packed, Showtek fans were everywhere at Zouk.

Tim and I.

Howie and Davern.

Darryl, Brandon and Howie.

Tim abusing Alvin, hahaha I'm kidding.

Me, Puiyee and Sheryl.

Two hantus. Guess I was pretty tipsy at that time.

Showtek really knows how to put on a show (no pun intended).
They got the crowd all hyped up and going, the energy was massive!

I was jumping, screaming, singing the whole night.
Took tons of candid pictures of everyone too haha.

Jeremy and Vic.

Howie, CM, Darryl & Brandon.

Howie and James.
Few minutes later...

Everyone was really having fun that night, and it was such a great feeling.

Me, Howie & Vicharn.

Last but not least..

*photobombed by the bouncer, meh*
They're the most down to earth guys! From the Facebook replies 'bout my Melbourne post (which I ended up being totally starstruck, couldn't help it!) to smiling and laughing when I asked for a picture, and talking to you like they known you for ages. It's a really nice feeling meeting DJs who are superbly cool and calm with their fans. 

Love it!

Can't wait to catch their next tour/show.
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