✈ Singapore July 2013 [pt. II] ✈

Continuation from HERE.

We visited Wild Honey, one of the few recommended places.
They serve breakfast meals all day, different styles from around the world.

Sylvia and Suphanee.

Howie and I.

What the four of us ordered :

Su's order, I think it's a sandwhich, not really sure.

But for the rest here are the names of the dish!

*credits to Wild Honey website.

*credits to Wild Honey Website

*credits to Wild Honey website

My type of breakfast!
The Aussie style brekkie. Beaf, beans, egg, sauteed mushrooms!
It was so sooo good I am craving for this while typing this blog post.

Oh and a glass of Chandon to go with. 

Loved how all the flavours got along well!

After our very heavy 'breakfast' we walked on Orchard once again.

We shopped all day from Orchard to Bugis!
I love how Bugis reminds me of Platinum Mall. 
Didn't take pictures there as I was busy shopping with the girls and it was so packed it was so hard to reach for my camera.

After a whole day of shopping we headed to Clark Quay for dinner.

Had hotpot for dinner at Hai Di Lao.

I must say, it was pretty darn awesome!

All of us had to put on bibs, which was pretty cute.
The service was impeccable. They gave us plastic/zip lock bags to cover our phones too.

Notice how our table is filled with bowls?
They're actually sauces we mixed on our own from the sauce table.
Some of us came up with pretty whacky concoctions! Lol.

Best part was when the guy was flipping and pulling the noodles.
Watch the video HERE.

& putting it in the hotpot when he's done.

After a very filling dinner, we got home and changed for a night out.
We headed to Fenix Room that night!

Fenix room reminds me of Providence, though slightly bigger than Providence. Yes, the newly launched club in KL, Providence.
Well no shocker there, since it belongs to the same owners. Only a week before Providence was launched I was partying it up at Fenix haha.

Suphanee and I.
We were gasping for air in our super tight bandage dresses. Oh what girls would do for fashion!

Fenix was packed that night!

The boyfriend and I.

Su and Howie having a serious convo, but Su was being ever ready for my candid shot lol.

Howie, Su and Chua.

A very happy Su and Kai Young haha.
Abso cuteness!

Bottles of Belvedere and Dom Luminere.

Elise and I.

Pictures of us I took from Fenix Room's page :

We headed to DOM Lounge for a second round.

Still managed to look glam for a candid shot, hehehe WIN!

It was a fun day/night out!
Pretty tired and KO-ed on bed straight.

Will continue with the last day in Singapore soon.
Check out my last post at :

Till then!


Henry Lee said…
Ahhh i miss singapore but i rarely club there... too expensive!!
stephiielim said…
Yeah it is expensive! But still not the most expensive hahaha.
Anonymous said…
love ya bondage dress! you look like a doll :D
stephiielim said…
Hey there! thanks :)

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