a wedding and a party ♡

Two short updates of what I've been up to.
I am so sorry for the lack of updates! I still have a few travel posts on hold as I've been pretty busy and I wanted to make sure all my travel posts is written in detail as I know tons of you love all the tips and places to see!

Anyways I attended a high school buddy of mine's wedding a month ago.
Everyone is getting married!

Joanne and I.

The groom, Patrick and I.

And the usual party nights at Zouk :)

It was crazy, everyone was tipsy-drunk by 1.30am.
I was the babysitter for the night, oh wells. It was hilarious seeing their drunk antics lol!

Manda, myself and Nicole.

Kiki and I.

Party people ;)

Went over to Mainroom to catch Richard Bedford singing Sun & Moon, luckily I was just in time and didn't miss it. Guy got talent!

Howie and Hanlun.

Baby and I.

That sums up a short post, I promise I'll be back soon!


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