Hi darlings! Today I'll be reviewing the latest Shu Uemura's collection which is called the Sweet Red Collection.

Red, the eternal shade of passion and sensuality shines anew in a spectrum of sweetness. 
Notice the rainbow of red that brightens everyday life - beautiful roses, sugary delicacies, savory salmon, ripe fruit ; this magical color that adorns the world with fun, playful, oh so sweet shades!

Now, Shu Uemura delights the senses by reinterpreting the sweeter side of red in range of fresh new shades.

These gorgeous colors will create a new definition of red for every woman with boundless pure color, transparency, and supreme moisture care as part of Shu Uemura’s revolutionary reformulated rouge unlimited line. Isn't that great?

Well, discover the sweetest shade of you with an infinitely fresh spectrum of adorable reds that accessorize every skin tone and make you sparkle! Find your own red!

Shu Uemura’s rouge unlimited formula offers an endless world of red lip color with more unique shades and pure color - the power of red reinterpreted.

This is all thanks to the Shu Uemura's Double Hybrid Pigment Techonology.
Rouge unlimited’s signature pigments – with their phenomenal high color pay-off and fidelity–sparked a cosmetic industry phenomenon in 2006. “Opaque core hybrid pigment” combine with “crystal core hybrid pigment” which has a transparent core that realizes color pureness and transparency to bring out a more vivid, wider range of color. With six new colors to choose from!

Lacquer Red
A modern, fresh take on alluring Japanese lacquer red with a glossy texture.

Mon Shu Pure Red
An ode to Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris meets Tokyo mon shu girl collection-here the sweetest red shade returns with a new shiny texture.

Spiky Rose
Blooming roses in glossy textured striking red that is lovably feminine.

Dolly Red Lucid
Red gets all dolled up in this shiny textured, adorable pink-red shade.

Baby Flame
Turn up the heat with this bright, ripe cherry tomato rouge in pout-perfecting shiny texture.

Sweet Devil
Be nice and naughty with this playful orange-red shade with a glossy texture.

There's even a beautiful chic palette which goes along with all those gorgeous lipsticks!

Introducing the Sweet Beige Brown Palette.

A perfect 6 shade combination to create perfect nude eyes, the ideal match for sweet red rouge lips. Includes wearable shades for everyday use that can be mixed in multiple combinations for various look possibilities and includes defining and highlight shades. The limited edition brown quad palette is refillable- replace shades with your own selection of catalogue eyeshadows or blushes.

M Dark Brown 895
M Medium Brown 863
M Soft Brown 851
ME Medium Brown 862
P Light Coral 131
M Might Beige 813

* If you're wondering what all those alphabets mean, it stands for : M - Matte finish  , ME - Metallic (slightly glittery) , P - Pearl finish.

I'll show you three looks using three lipsticks and the eye palette launched in this new collection but first off always prep your skin with your trusty moisturizer and make up base. 

Then move on to the foundation and concealor.
Here I am using Shu Uemura's products.

Using my ring finger to dab the concealor on and blending it in as your ring finger has the least strength hence not dragging along your skin causing you wrinkles.

So let's try on the looks!

1. Sweet x Sweet

Start off with your eyes --

Pressed Eye Shadow
Create a distance between the right and left eye for a sweet impression. Apply P Light Coral 131 from the eyehole line and move the brush from outward to inward. Then, apply M Medium Brown 863 along the upper lash line. Last but not least, apply M Soft Brown 851 to the inner corner of the eyes, blend it with light coral and medium brown using gentle strokes moving the brush from outward to inward.

Then to your lips --

Rouge Unlimited
Using Dolly Red Lucid for the super sweet looking kissable lips. Try giving lips vertical height rather than horizontal length to add an even cuter impression.

Here's the final look :

Soft looking eyes but with a sweet bright lip. 
Attention is drawn to lips! So pucker up girls :) 

2. Active x Sweet 

Pressed Eye Shadow
Apply ME Medium Brown 862 along the upper lash line. Apply M Soft Brown 851 on the brush and then move the brush from outwards to inwards and create beautiful gradation. Apply P Light Coral 131 on the lower lash line.

Rouge Unlimited
Baby flame for an active x sweet impression. If you want to emphasis on active impression, use your lip brush to outline lip precisely, while if you want to emphasis sweetness, use your lip brush vertically for softer lines.

Final look :

I drew eyeliner on as I was trying to achieve a more 'active look'. Still a soft to medium look on the eyes and a medium colored lip. Very dreamy but suitable for every day looks, for the woman on the go!

3. Cool x Sweet 

Pressed Eye Shadow Palette
First grab your Sweet Brown Beige Pallete and apply M Soft Brown 851 from the eyehole line and move the brush from outward to inward. Then, apply M Medium Brown 863 on the upper lid. Create gradation of the two. Apply M Dark Brown 895 along the upper lash line. Blend with gentle strokes moving the brush from outward to inward.

Rouge Unlimited
Sweet Devil Rouge for that cool x sweet look. Use a brush that is suitable for outlining lips precisely, then color it in for the most beautiful finish!

Finish look! 

Same as before, I drew on eyeliner and a few swipes of mascara to enhance this look.
This look is perfect for that romantic dinner for two, or a night out partying with its dramatic eyes and lips that goes together harmoniously!

* My lips looks super dry before I applied any lipstick but looks super moist after I've applied the new colors of Rouge Unlimited, well I DID NOT apply any lip base or lip moisturizers. This shows how moisturizing these Shu Uemura lipsticks are, I am so in love with them!


"Reveil the sweetest in you!"
Yuji Asano, Shu Uemura's international chief make-up artist is inspired by the red shades that appear in everyday life. He presents 3 make-up looks to highlight fresh, glowing lips in the sweetest shades of red.

Asano portrait -- Yuji Asano’s artisanal approach to make-up is invaluable for inspiring new Shu Uemura products, while his exceptional understanding of beauty has led him to become a recognized artist worldwide.

“This ‘sweet red collection’ demonstrates the infinite potential of color. All new expressions are possible by simply changing the hue and value. Red is such an iconic color; enjoy the infinite changes you can make in your appearance by simply selecting the shade that matches your emotions and desires. Your choice of red will reflect your ever changing mood of the day.”

Shu Uemura Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/MyShuUemura
Shu Uemura's website - http://www.shu.com.my/

So go get some to try on yourself today!

Retail price for each lipstick is RM78.00 while the nude palette is RM180.00

I know I love mine, and I can easily achieve the sweet look anytime everyday.

Till then!


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