#OOTD : tweeds & cakes ❤

It was a public holiday and dad took us to a lovely hotel in Kuala Lumpur for lunch!
I love family days as we get to sit down and catch up with one another.

The Majestic Hotel looked really exquisite with its posh interiors and exterior white walls that brings back that old school charm. Didn't get to snap any picture of the exterior as it was mid-day sun and too hot for me to stand outside taking pictures!

Loving my white tweed dress with chain details from Su-Estilo.
So demure and feminine, totally setting the mood for me especially being in that place. I can pretend to be all lady-like-ala-Audrey-Hepburn! Haha.

Lunch was superbly filling! Tons of varieties from cold cuts to different types of salad, pastas, pizzas, tempura, sashimi, sushi, soba, indian delicacies, lemang and so on ; Although my pictures doesn't show all of them as people were starring at me as if I was some weirdo walking around trying to steal their food or something -.-

Anyways do check out Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur be it for brunch, lunch or tea.
I heard their afternoon tea is something to rave about!

Outfit of the day :
CC Designer Inspired Dress by Su-Estilo
Belle du Jour by Yves Saint Lauren
Ballerina Flats by Fiorruci
Jewelry by Chanel

Check out Su-Estilo as there's some wonderful new arrivals this week!


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