✈ Singapore ♡ 2013 [pt. III] ✈

So this will be the last post for my Singapore trip in July!
It was a sunny day, and it was my last day in Singapore.
We decided to visit Marina Bay Sands as it's a must go place when you're in Singapore eventhough you've been there before.

I honestly love chilling there. 
There's something about the bay that makes you feel all relaxed.
So I was in a super colourful outfit that day.
Dress from Zara
Scarf from H&M
Bag from Givenchy
Shoes from Nose.

Skyscrapers in Singapore.
All looking so magnificent and mod.

We walked for a bit and worked up an appetite.
Tried out this restaurant located inside the Shoppe's of MBS.

Osteria Mozza.
It was sorta leaning towards fine dining, maybe you can call it exquisite dining lol. I seriously don't know all these fancy pancy names sometimes. Or I just couldn't be bothered. I'm hungry, I see food, I eat.

Compliments from the chef.

Grilled octopus over braised potatoes. 
My fav! I love grilled octopus. Thanks to Melbourne I developed this craving that can never be fulfilled in KL sighs.

The boyfriend replying his emails while I just sat there looking pretty and sipping on my Belini.

Oh if everyday could be like this that'll be great.

Anyways I had the vongole with clams and bacon, it was super yummy omg!
Love love love this restaurant.

Too bad I was too stuffed I didn't get to pay a visit to High Society.
That place has the loveliest pastries and super comfy chairs to lounge and chit chat.

We then decided to check out Ku De Ta as I've never been to the Sky Bar in Singapore, and it was just the perfect timing as the sun was setting. Creating a lovely ambience all around.

That is actually the Sky Deck and you have to pay an admission fee to enter the premises while Ku De Ta is a bar and it's free entry but you have to order drinks to stay.

We ordered a beer and vodka lime.

The bar wasn't that big and there isn't much space to roam about.

The place was packed with tourist and kind of overrated but the view was gorgeous, probably due to the sunlight and how the sun was setting.

The lower deck is way bigger if you're planning to take nice pictures and be all touristy.

The boyfriend looking like a star celebrity haha. Thanks to my awesome skills *jokes*.

Anyways we got this lovely shot taken while the sun was setting! So lovely, thankfully the guy who helped us had skills haha. The colour is abit off as I had to turn on the flash due to the back light.

After we finished our drinks we headed over to the pool side.
As we were walking there we passed by this spot that overlooks the other side of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay.

So pretty!
Why isn't Malaysia like this, we have so much more land but yet we do not know how to make full use of our resources *sighs*.

The lovely sunset overlooking Singapore city.

We stayed on till night fall and sat by the benches starring into the beautiful lights that lighted up the city.

I've not visit the Fullerton hotel!
We wanted to dine there but there was a private function going on that night, what a bummer.

After the whole day out, we went back to change and freshen up.
Headed to 1-Altitude for some drinks and catching up with some buddies!

I love this place!
It's so much more better than Ku De Ta.

It was a Sunday night so it wasn't packed, music was good and the view was spectacular!
I highly recommend this place to anyone who's visiting Singapore. You can see everything from here. 

Look at how quiet the streets were!
Sunday night is probably the best time to chill at usually over crowded places.
It's when you can really explore these places and not fight for spots with the other guests.

Oh hello there MBS!
I am higher than you hahaha.
I was really amused when I was there. Nevertheless MBS looked gorgeous, look at all those lights!

See what I mean by not squeezing with others? I did a walk around the whole place and checked out every corner of it. So amazed by the view. In the picture above, I have the Singapore flyer on my right haha. Oh and the art museum too!

Pictures of us with the gorgeous view behind.


After checking out the whole place we sat down and chit chatted the night away.

It was pretty fun and you can actually sit down and have a proper conversation without yelling.
Had so much catching up with Yvonne to do! This girl has been so busy with her Miss World duties that she's been jet-setting every month haha.


And finally we had to leave the next day.

I was in my comfy outfit, dont judge!
But it looked better on Instagram.

Bye bye Singapore ):

Hello Malaysia!

Sometimes you kind of forget how beautiful our country is.

Till then!

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