Tiësto ♡ 2013

Once in a while you'll get posts from me that's more close to the date of when such events has taken place. Hahaha. For some reason I'm in the mood to blog about this before I take months to post all of these up.

Tiësto's rave last Saturday organised by Future Sounds Asia. 

Supporting Goldfish & Blinks track Here We Go Again!
Get your tees from Nimmue / Pestle and Mortar at SS15 today.

The boys on stage doing their thing.

Cray cray fireworks display!
Check it out HERE and HERE.
It lasted 5mins or so. Probably the longest fireworks display I've seen for a rave in Malaysia.

It wasn't crazy packed when we got there so we managed to walk around.

Erin, Howie, CM and Darryl

Me and the girls :)

Howie, Jack and Pik.

Jack & Howie.

Darryl Manda Me and Jack.

Erin & I.

Manda and I.

It was starting to fill up as crowds started entering.
We actually thought the place we were standing at was also under the VIP section, didn't know it was the 'drinking area'.

Darryl, Lyn, Brandon, Manda and Erin.

Haven't seen Emms in a while!
She was so drunk that time and so so lost but totally cute when she is haha.

Me, Puiyee and Melissa.

Carmen, Peggy and Erin.

Darryl, Howie and Alvin.

Gerald, Puiyee, Alvin who kept making fun of my height the whole night! ):<

Agnes and I, been a while since I last saw her, she's been so busy!

Danny Avila on stage!

.. and finally, Tiesto!

Tiesto club life!

So sorry for the blurry pictures. 
Too many people at the VIP area hogging the front that I had to tip toe to take these pics.

Love how he opened with Young and Beautiful, check out the snippet HERE.

Darren, Darryl and I.

Chunlam, friend, Jazzlyn, myself and Manda with her gangstaaa pose lol.

Meet my friend Matt, he's stood there for hours lol!

Cute couple alert!
Alvin and Puiyee.

Someone just had to get in the photo... *roles eyes at Alvin*

Howie, me and Alvin.

Erin, Pik, Howie and Manda.

Erin and Puiyee.

Erin, Howie and Puiyee.

Manda, Erin and I.

Tiesto played most of his infamous tracks, old ones and new ones too. 
I especially love this! My fav fav fav song, fav remix too!

Tiesto ft Delirium - Silence.

Malaysian spirit!

After the rave ended, everyone was pretty smashed. Had so much fun, everyone was hilarious as you can see from the pictures. I felt so much love going around :) we decided to skip the shuttle bus as the queue was so so long and decided to walk out instead.

Future Sounds Asia did a great job for the VIP ticket holders though I heard the entry for normal ticket holders were bad /: they improved on the sound system especially from the VIP deck as the previous Guetta's gig we couldn't hear clearly and it sounded so far off, so thumbs up to that!

Till then!



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