I am very grateful, thankful and blessed to have my mother. 
She is definitely one of a kind. She is a very patient and loving person. My mother is always there when I need her. Especially when I fall sick, she gets so overly worried about me. This is because probably when I was younger my family couldn't afford to feed me all the good healthy food that she partially blames herself when I fall really sick and end up in the hospital for my gastritis, ENT problem and so on. 
Without my mother I wouldn't have learn a lot about humility, kindness, care and so on. Trust me, I have a very bad anger problem, I over think and I over stress. But no matter what she never gives up on me and is there guiding me just so that she knows that when I get older I'll lead a more peaceful wonderful life. 

We both love shopping and whenever we hear about a sale we get super excited! Last month she surprised me with a tablet, which came in so handy for me as I can carry it around in my hand bag. Since the Year End Sales is now on, I think I should probably get her a smartphone or something. 

Well we shall see! Till then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In order to show their appreciation to all DiGi users for this amazing year by making DiGi the widely preferred network in Malaysia, DiGi is now giving away 2 Samsung GALAXY S4 smartphones and 1 HTC One smartphone to our selected lucky winners!


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