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Finally directing it to my blog where everything should've been stated here.
All these stupid notifications on FB from cyber keyboard warriors is killing my phone battery. 

Problem 1#
The girl who posted the video has taken it down. I don't know where that leaves any of us but from now onwards we are just basically strangers and thank god for that. I do not know how many more years of arguing with her I can take. 6 years of her holding a grudge against me for something I didn't do? That's more than crazy, and look who's calling the kettle black. Please do not mention my name to her and vice versa as I think I can speak for the both of us, that we DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO IN EACH OTHERS LIVES. So stop hoping to see us fight, it's not very fun. 
But even with that said, she still posts things up in hopes to make me enraged with fury that I'll start arguing with her. Come on. Why do you go and say you don't want drama but still continue posting things up? Just cause you think you can and the confidence that everyones siding you that you have the guts to 'fight' with me now? AND FOR THE LAST TIME I DONT KNOW WHO THE FUCK IS QUEENIE LIM SO I AM NEITHER DENYING OR AGREEING ON ANYTHING FUCKING DINGDONG.

It's even more hilarious when I see people who are 'backing you up' without even asking themselves how did this all started but just gobbling down everything you sell/tell them. That is how shallow humans are nowadays. We are getting stupider while we let technology do everything else for us. So why did I bother? Because if I don't stand up for myself who will? You don't expect me to sell lies like you and live a normal guilt-free life. No matter what you say about me, and no matter how many people choose to believe the things that you spin ; you and I know how you actually feel deep down inside, because if you don't hate me this much to stir up this big drama which was supposed to be about a misunderstanding at a party, I wouldn't even be your 'enemy' and all these hatred from you won't be in this whole new level scale that I am shocked myself too. After all these years, who knew. All the small hints, where you go drunk telling people how much you dislike me, that I ruined your life, and to the point where you had to create stories like I poured champagne on you? Major lol for someone who can create so much tension on Facebook. But like I said, in the end, knowing that you're more affected than me? Wins all the fcking time. 

You may think I'm being bitter, to be honest certain things that has happened was quite hurtful but when I really think about it, I owe you a big thank you cause you managed to show me who were true, who are two faced fakes, you made people reach out to me and gave me advices and notes about things I never thought about before, I made new friends, closed old chapters, good things that hardly happen in times like these. 'Cause of you I let go of some things that weren't worth it, and deleted people who were just a hassle for example ; Eat my foot? The only thing that girl did was laugh like a hyena but give I'll give it to her for being ballsy for telling the whole world a lie. What a fool you guys would've been if I were to tell all. 

So yeah, I hope you find peace one day with yourself and the world.

Problem 2#
 I have nothing to do with this person IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER LIKED HIM and I did tell it to his face before. He who keeps on trying to crreate problems with me (recently) dragging this in that in, whatever in. Hence, YES I FINALLY BLOCKED HIM! He is so annoying and my phone keeps ringing off the hook from all the notifications whenever he/his fake accounts/friends/associates replies his stupid statuses/threads. I am sick and tired of hearing his name and he is by far the worse person I've dealt with because he is SO ANNOYINGLY IDIOTIC. So whatever video, pictures, just basically anything he posts, is just to hide his sick personality which will never be anything other than the pervetic self he is. and don't try to get my friends to side you because the whole world knows what you're like and they don't care about it too ; 'cause you know what, they HATE you. You're an annoying person and nobody likes being around you that even your past competitor messaged me and gave me words of support. THAT SHOWS HOW MUCH YOU ARE DISLIKED. (I might I have millions of haters but I think you have thrillions of 'em). This is now all over to me as I've left it with the police, and if you doubt that they will do anything about it, go on and challenge them. This case is officially off my hands, it's a Saturday, I want to go party have fun and await the wonderful New Year. 
So that's it you're done, goodbye.

Thank god a new year is coming, I have an excuse of saying, "no I dont know them".

 I truly am blessed for those around me who has given me strength and support. People that I've never met in my life, that doesn't know my story, thank you for believing in me. Friends who I have not spoken for a while, thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. Best friends around the world and in Malaysia, I love you guys and that will never stop, you guys have been with me through thick and thin and god knows how many hurdles like these. Most of all, my family and boyf who's all been with me by my side cheering me up & putting up with all these. 

And also I am thankful to those who finally showed their true colours, you have made my life so much easier as I don't have to genuinely be nice to you. Now I can just totally ignore you, like pooft!


Yet everyone who sides these two buggers has so much to say and judge, yes, you guys have known me for years is it? Oh wait, you've only been eating off every thing she or he leads you to believe. No heads or tails of the incident, just believing whatever they want you to know and believe by swallowing down whatever they posts on their social media. I'm shallow and silly you say? I'm twentyfour, I still have a few years to make mistakes or go through childish dramas like these unlike some of you guys, the keyboard warriors, white guy who comments on every social media outlet on the internet bashing me (when he says he's just doing it for fun, and it's not bias -.-") or the woman barking like a dog literally on comment boxes, you guys have a family, pictures of your little ones. Aren't you supposed to be busy and worrying about other things than spending your time monitoring my doings? all these people acting all righteous and crap. 
Let me leave y'all pondering for a bit eyh. You guys have been hilarious.

P/S : I'm not mentioning names not because I am afraid of getting sued for defamation, cause if I was, I'd surely win with all the crap J is posting. I am not mentioning his name, because most of you know who I am talking about and I do not want to boost his popularity anymore, just cause he's fame riding whore. Yeah something I learned from his media class.

lots of love x.


Anonymous said…
SKMM cannot remove facebook post la.

if they can, long time they would have done so to remove all anti-government posts. lol
Anonymous said…
so you do have 97% fake followers...
stephiielim said…
Hi Anonynous, yes they can. Google them.
Anonymous said…
Stephanie, i've googled. they cant. They can only do three things:
1) file official request to facebook to remove, or request for personal info of perpetrator. this will have to wait for facebook officials to approve, which usually they don't bother if it does not violate FB's terms of use.

2) skmm with police will take the poster in for questioning and ask for their password and stuff, and intimidate them in lockup until they comply

3) block URL of the facebook page/ it had happened in the last election. (which they even blocked certain youtube videos which damage BN reputation)

cheers :)
stephiielim said…
There, you've explained for me. Thanks!
stephiielim said…
Hi Anony, yes I am not pretty. I am not rich, and wtv you mentioned which is too grossed to type out but I am not hiding behind a fake name spewing venom with every word like its a cold game. Hahahahah see what I jst did there.
stephiielim said…
If you have the guts to write this shit here, please provide your name or a picture of yourself too. That'll be great!
Anonymous said…
Hey Stephanie, we don't know each other personally but I've been reading bits and pieces about the story and I've even been to the forum once. Closed it within five minutes though, the standard of English and the high school mentality of the kids in there is just astounding. I personally hope you don't bother about the comments because anyone who has something, anything else going on in their life would not be so intent on fueling the story. These are either high school kids who are on their school holidays or college/university students who are obviously not doing very well in school.

I know it is upsetting and enraging to hear these baseless accusations, but if you ignore them they will eventually move on to ruin someone else's life. Also, if you're worried others might buy into their stories, I can assure you those who are well-educated and have aspirations in life ie. those who truly matters, won't. I can speak on the behalf of these people as prior to this, I've only heard of you once when a friend posted on his FB page promoting you for the pageant competition. Of course you're pretty, anyone with half of their eyesight functioning can see that but I guess what all these keyboard warriors meant to say was that beauty is not everything. Although to be fair, idk what the hell they were trying to say half the time; the standard of English there is cringe-worthy.

Anyway, I wrote this only for you to know that not only do you have your friends and family supporting you, complete strangers like myself do too. Don't make those who are insignificant to you try to understand anything. These people are intent on hating you, you can give them a kidney of yours and they'll accuse you of being selfish for not giving both your kidneys. You cannot please everyone. Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter.

Blessed 2014! xx
Josh Lim said…
Oh, so now deleting my comments la. I can post screenshots :)
Anonymous said…
Hi steph. Hold your head up high, don't let em haters get to you. The Internet is indeed a cruel place, yet we can't live without it. You can never please everyone, regardless of how hard you try. Just put this entire episode behind you and be done with it. People will move on eventually, to another petty issue that has nothing to do with them, and continue gossiping and trash talking. Let bygones be bygones. Be the bigger person and carry on with life as per usual. Know that you have your family and friends by your side, which is all that matters. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! (cheesy I know but appropriate for this situation) Cheers!

A friend of yours :)
Anonymous said…
hao dare jew say /k/ bad engrand, /k/ wil hunt jew down

and steph hao much per nite plz offer so tat i ken consider to join #teamsteph
sgrmse. said…
hello! :D no, we don't know each other personally but i've been reading your blog & said hi to you once in giza (some time way back when in 2012) - anyhow. i think you're doing good by closing this chapter once and for all. haters gonna hate. you should leave em all behind. good on you for being the bigger person & taking the high road, steph (:

on to bigger & better things in the new year!!!
stephiielim said…
Hi there Anony, it is really sweet waking up to your message :) Thank you for the advices and "if you're worried others might buy into their stories, I can assure you those who are well-educated and have aspirations in life ie. those who truly matters, won't. I can speak on the behalf of these people as prior to this, I've only heard of you once when a friend posted on his FB page promoting you for the pageant competition." is really something strong to hear. Thank you for the support too :)

It's feels great to know that a complete stranger has faith in me too. It really does <3

Thank you and Happy New Year! x
stephiielim said…
Hello a friend of mine,
Sadly I cannot guess who you are /: but thank you. They aren't getting to me as I've got big plans for 2014 already. "Everything that kills me makes me feel alive" hahaha.

Happy New Year a friend of mine xx.
stephiielim said…
To : Low Yat Anon. Seriously get a life. And tell your people there, that I do have an account, it's called 'stephiielim' but I've tried to comment on that thread long before it reached 20 pages and realised I was blocked from commenting. Someone already knows my profile on Low Yat and already blocked me way before anything. So yeah. Ain't chickening out, and funny seeing you guys point out and blaming those you think who are my dupes hahahaha. Happy New Year! x
Anonymous said…
drama betul
stephiielim said…
Thank you SGRMSE :) Happy New Year and have a great one! x
stephiielim said…
VATTTT TO DOOOO, somebody proclaimed enough damage done to her but hey I'm still okay :)
stephiielim said…
Oh did I? DId it hurt your feelings Josh? ngaww. Its okay, at least you have screenshots & vids of me :)

You'd be interested in . . .