Anniversary Dinner [pt. II]

You must be thinking, what happened to the first one. Haha. I am on a bit of a time crunch and I skipped the first part, or more like saved the first part cause it's a bit draggy to the second part of my wonderful second year anniversary with the boyfriend.

First and foremost, I would love to thank Su-Estilo for this wonderful dress as seriously I couldn't find anything perfect enough for this special occasion! I love this dress to bits. You will know why later ;)

It's their infamous Mia Convertible dress, I got mine in purple cause I just think it suits my current skin colour haha. Since it's a convertible dress I played around with it for a bit, and decided on this unusual toga style, a really low sexy back and bustier top.

We headed to Black Market just below where we were staying for a wonderful intimate dinner.

I've seen tons of people headed to the place before so I thought we should totally try it out and it was so convenient as we were staying at E&O Residences.

Yours truly with my toga bustier side cut out design.

Us, happily talking about our relationship, the whole of it. How we met, the ups the downs ; just everything basically till our first dish arrived.

We ordered the Octopus, cause I was really really craving for some grilled octopus but this was just okay okay to me. Nothing spectacular.

Then my main arrived.

I had the Cod with Truffle and pine nuts.
The taste was good, not great but just good. It costed about RM60+ I think, for the size of the fish and truffle I would say, you get what you paid for?

Then his main arrived.

He ordered a rack of lamb.
Crusty, chewy, almost tender. 
He was filled to the brim! Haha.

Half way throughout our dinner I did a quick change at the ladies, just for fun and got back to the table seeing his face in shock haha. *priceless*

I change to a halter top dress now.
We enjoyed our dinner not cause of the food, the food is just so so but the company of each other.
Took some pictures in my lovely dress and new clutch from Saint Laurent which I kinda regret getting cause I CAN'T FIT ANYTHING INSIDE! But it matched my shoes and I hardly go for metallics so what the heck.

See how this dress flows so lovely? I love how it makes me feel so graceful and feminine. Best part all the experimenting with styles! I am definitely going to wear this for more occasions just to see what styles I can come up with. For those who aren't so experimental, not to fret, Su-Estilo will send you a guide on how to style your dress approriately! 

Anyhoo's check out for more awesome dresses as they have tons of new arrivals now! And Chinese New Year is coming up people, don't do last minute shopping cause you definitely find it hard to find something you want then.

More pictures of the Mia Convertible courtesy of Su-Estilo.

The have it mid-length too, I love maxi dresses hence my choice.
And the best partttttt, THEY"RE HAVING SALES NOW!

Do check them out at :

Till then!

Happy shopping, xx.


J. said…
Hi Stephanie, you did a good job in styling MIA Convertible Dress!
stephiielim said…
Hi J, thank you for your kind compliment :)

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