Avicii ♡ Sepang 2013

I've seen him three times in total now, never a fan of his live sets just the songs he produces.
But since the ravers want to go I tagged along, it's the company that matters right? Though the ticket prices were a wee bit steep I would say /:

Myself, Jiayi and Leng Sean

Peggy, Carmen, Erin, myself and Ivy.

Erin piggybagging me hhaahaha.

Girlsssssss ♡

The guys, Louis is too short, so got cropped out a bit la, Darryl, Bryan and Howie.

Baby and I ♡

Jack, Ping and Howie.

Carmen and I.

Louis in his zone lol.

my love ♡

Guessed how much I paid for this, urghhh.

Erin, Howie, Bryan and Darryl.

Erin and Bryan.

Serious talk in motion lol.

Erin, Peggy and I.

Yours truly! ♡

Manda and I.

Chunlam, myself and Manda.

The crazy crowd, apparently the most for 2013 raves.
Seriously guys? You missed out on Thirts 2012?

Cause Calvin Harris is too awesome and he's coming to Kuala Lumpur/SIC next March for F1 OMFGGGG. I need to meet him. Here's a snippet Avicii playing my fav song :

Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing // Avicii

Can you spot him now?

Avicii - I Could Be The One

Baby and I again hehe.

Last song was 'Wake Me Up' and a massive display of fireworks!

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Here's a snippet of the fireworks and my current fav song by Avicii

Till then!



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