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One of ours too! Like all of us!
Tell me, who doesn't adores chocolate? What can be even better when you can customised them to the way you want them to be ; milk, white or dark chocolate base with delicious toppings of your choice. You'll be spoilt with varieties. 

This can be all possible only at MyChocoLab ♡

Firstly, all you have to do is head on to their website, and create an account. After that it is all easy breasy as you click on the creation lab and start creating your own chocolate bar! But for some of you who are in a hurry for some choco goodness, there the popular favourites bar and they're all set already so you can totally skip the creating part.

MyChocoLab only uses the finest Belgian chocolates and freshes ingredients to make your chocolate bar, one of a kind, yummy and worth every penny!

You start off with choosing your chocolate base ; choices are from Belgian milk chocolate to Belgian white chocolate and Belgian dark chocolate. I already started salivating at this point haha.

Then you get to pick your ingredients. From fruits and berries, to nuts and seeds, candies and biscuits, even herbs and spices. You can have personalised decorations and plaques too, such as "Happy Birthday" and so on, heart shapes on your chocolate bar etc. There's also an experimental ingredient tab for those who would like a twist to their chocolate bar, things like dried anchovies or even coffee beans can be added on to your chocolate bar!

Proceed to check out, fill in all the necessary details and when you would be needing it and voila! You're done.

Guess what mine looks like and is made of?

It came in a very lovely packaging, suitable for a gift, and obviously I got this for Howie for our anniversary but I collected it earlier as I totally forgotten about a Christmas present.

& I got a lovely white chocolate christmas tree as a free gift! Major love.

My chocolate bar is decorated and covered with oreos pieces, heart shaped decorations, jelly bears and edible gold leaf! It's supposed to be a very loveydovey chocolate bar, and I think it turned our way better than I expected! Oh we haven't even got to the taste bit yet.

[UPCLOSE] hearts, gold leaves, oreos.

Sharing the chocolate bar with a love one ♡
 & we were at this Christmas party, every body had a bite and they wanted more! Haha. It was that yummy and delicious. I have never expected jelly bears and chocolate to go so well together. That orea just gave it that extra crunch it needed. SUPER YUMMY! 

Definitely gonna order more, plus Valentines is just round the corner.
How about something different for Chinese New Year? Chocolate bars instead of the usual biscuits! 

Mychocolab is a chocolate house based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Formed in 2013 through the love of real chocolate and a desire to make everyone’s chocolate dreams come true.

Their goal is simple: to create premium quality chocolates that tickle your taste buds just the way you like it. They take pride in each and every piece of chocolate they create, continuously sharing the love through chocolate.

Visit them at and start creating your dream chocolate bar!

Have fun creating your unique bar with MyChocoLab today!

Can't wait to see your creations, drop a comment if you've tried them below.



Nick said…
i love chocolates! :P
stephiielim said…
hurry up on order some for yourself then! :)

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