Nicky Romero // Zouk Club KL // 2013

Nicky Romero, one of my favourite DJs right now made a stop at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur.
The guys were all so hyped they even bought the infamous mask he wore during the Toulouse video.

The boys in masks.

Myself trying to fit in haha.

With my lovely babe Renee.

The boyfriend and I.
We actually came all the way from Wicked Festival to catch him live, sucks when dates are clashing for things like these. Sigh.

He was a great entertainer! Got the crowd hyped up and pumpingg throughout the night.

Howie, Darren, Mark and a friend.

Howie and Mark.

So they got to meet the man himself, Nicky Romero.
Erin, Bryan, Darryl, Mark and Nicky.

Last but not least I got a personal picture with him hehe!

It was a great night with tons of fun and laughter.
Think few of us, not me, mabuk terbabas lol.

Till then!



Billy Toh said…
Great post on your outing in Zouk. Makes me feel like going after so long. Nice photo shots as well!!
stephiielim said…
Hey Billy,
Hope you'll enjoy yourself and thank you for the lovely comment :)

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