Beast x Providence ♡ #GNO !

Had a simple farewell dinner for Erin at Beast a couple of weeks back with the BFFs.
Our first time eating at Beast, The Intermark KL.

Loved the cosy wooden decor ; the simplicity of wood and metal going along great with each other. I think as we grow older we take time to appreciate everything and pay attention to details that we don't usually do when we're younger. 

Joyee, Wendy, Seewai, myself and Erin.

It was a pleasant dinner as we got a corner, or more like the area to ourself where we could laugh and chat away.
Not forgetting acting all silly like we always do since highschool.

Had steak while the girls enjoyed their burgers.

The food was just okay and it was quite pricey. A nice place to chill and have a simple meal but nothing much to expect off though. Maybe I didn't order the right dishes, but still it was just mediocre. 

& of course, pictures with the infamous sign lol.

Not too often you'll see me in a bareback dress.
Finally got to wear my Tony Bianco heels out too! This was before my really bad fall where I really hurt my knees ><

And of course, more fooling around!

When I am with them , we don't care about the surroundings and we just have real good fun in each others company. I find these moments really precious as we don't see each other way often anymore ever since they started working! They wake up when I go to bed and they finish work when I wake up.

After that we headed to Providence for a little girls night out.

A lot of 'firsts' for that night.

I even bumped into these two ladies which I haven't met for a year. I've known them since I started clubbing and they've taken care for me like a little sis every time we were out. Everytime I bump into them we have so much to talk about! Now we gotta make time for each other for a proper catch up as they don't live in KL.

Twas' was a fun night out and epic moments where I laughed till my tummy hurts.
Every girl needs a GNO once in a while!

Till then,


sgrmse. said…
a farewell for erin? where's erin going? lol.
Henry Tan said…
whoots you are the slimmest among them! =p anyway looks like a nice place to hang out!
Phy said…
I love your dress! ^^

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