Dao Kia ♡ one bowlful of happiness!

There's a new dessert in town!
And this one leaves you guilt-free, a filled happy tummy and all smiles.

Introducing Dao Kia, one bowlful of happiness!
Dao Kia is famous for their Soy Puddings which are filled with awesome goodness and superbly tasty, with such a delicate, refined texture that melts in your mouth.

Dropped by their outlet in One Utama recently to try out some of their awesome treats!
They have three outlets right now, so don't be surprised and do try out their sweet treats when you get the chance :)

Dao Kia's Soy Puddings are made freshly daily, with the best ingredients one could find for the ultimate best experience of a wonderful bowl of happiness! If you didn't know, soy is an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein; it is rich in vitamins and minerals. 

I myself don't really consume the typical 'tau fu fah' as I don't really enjoy the texture and taste. 
Regardless, Dao Kia's Soy Pudding aren't exactly the same as the traditional ones as theirs is power pack filled with different flavours and like I've mentioned above, the texture is completely different! Making it a very enjoyable dessert as I kept going on for another spoonful of this goodness.

Here we are all ready to taste their wonderful puddings!

p/s : I was already half way enjoying my bowl of sweet Juicy Melon Soy Pudding hehe.

Now let's take a look at their flavours :

Juicy Melon Soy Pudding -- this is one of their seasonal flavour, which means it will be on and off the menu depending on the season. Whenever the fruit is in season Dao Kia would definitely be serving it. This one has to be my favourite! I love the sweetness of the melon along with the texture of the pudding. Soft and not too sweet, just right.

Japanese Green Tea (RM3.60) -- If you love green tea flavoured ice cream and all that, you will love this! Perfect for a hot sunny day this is incredibly soothing and delicious, and totally fat free!

Creamy Almond Soy Pudding (RM3.60) -- The name says it all, creamy, rich and almond-y! I brought home some for my parents and they love it. The rich almond taste gives it the extra oomph, and it's not too sweet like what you would expect. Suitable for people who enjoys less sugary tasting treats.

Original Soy Pudding (RM3.30) -- Original flavour, for those who just enjoy the natural taste of soy pudding. Light and refreshing, you definitely cannot go wrong with this.

Bird's Nest Soy Dessert -- RM12.80

Though it may seem pricey, compared to the rest which cost less than RM4, this is topped with 100% real bird's nest, all natural, hand cleaned. That explains why it's slightly more costly than the other ones. This also means, EXTRA NUTRITIONS on an already nutritious dessert. Totally guilt-free and so so tasty. 

The bird's nest is stored in another separate container which maintains it's freshness. So only when you are consuming this, you pour the bird's nest on top of the soy pudding. This was totally different as you get to taste the soft silky soy pudding and also the sweetness of the bird's nest, it was like having your usual bird's nest drink but in dessert form! Hehe.

Dao Kia not only serves Soy Pudding but also a few other desserts such as the Glutinous Rice Balls, Soy Milk and Soy Smoothie.

For the Glutinous Rice Balls, you can choose from three different type of flavours. 
We tried the Toasty Black Sesame (RM5.90).

A very reasonable sized glutinous rice ball, best part they did not cut back on the fillings. 

According to Erin who finished all three of them "I love the black Toasty Black Sesame, although normally I would opt for other flavours but Dao Kia's one was great and also I loved texture of the glutinous rice ball. It was just right and I could've eaten more than three glutinous balls and still want more!"

Soy Smoothie for only less than RM5.
Well, you can have it in a smoothie form or also opt for the normal soy milk!

So, we tried the Silky Soy Milk to finish our dessert spree!

As mentioned above, the juicy melon was in season obviously that was our choice for only and for only RM3.30 it was pretty darn worth it.

You really have to try this to know how wonderful it tastes.
I'll definitely go for this than the bubble teas nowadays. It's a healthier option for a dessert cum drink, which is perfect for someone like me who loves window shopping sipping a drink.

So head on over to Dao Kia and try out these wonderful desserts they offer.
If you're in a rush, no worries, you can always pack and go. If you have time, take a seat and be ready to be treated to all these yummy treats!

You can find them at these places :-

One Utama Shopping Centre
LG Floor - LGK103
Food Street Promenade
(next to Crazy Potato & Each A Cup)

Opening hours : 10am-10pm

Tropicana City Mall
LG Floor - LG43

Opening hours : 10am - 10pm daily

The Strand at Kota Damansara
(Puddings Only)
12-G, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours : 10:30am - 8pm (Monday - Saturday)
Telephone No. : +60361501122

For more info do check out their Facebook and website!

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do :)


Billy Toh said…
It looks good! Probably I'll go over and try over the weekend!!
Kelvin Tan said…
Is it smooth like tau foo fah?
stephiielim said…
Do try it out and let me know what you think :)
stephiielim said…
I don't really like tau foo fah, so this was really nice for me :)

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