Heli Lounge at Menara KH, Kuala Lumpur ♡

Had a wonderful simple night out with close friends of baby at Heli Lounge not too long ago. 
I've been hearing of this place for ages but haven't gotten the chance to check it out as we will always get caught up with things, it's been a busy few months for us!

The bunch of us, minus me who's taking the picture.
The view was gorgeous but the place was below standard for sure. I mean, to be all dressed up and sitting on ladder chairs or camping chairs is just ridiculous. I think the dresscode should be toned down, and people should be allowed to dress casually as seriously look at our small table, it isn't cheap either for that two bottles of Glenfiddich. 

Misery aside, I enjoyed my night with the company of amazing people and the gorgeous view.

Jeewei, April and I.
The stunning Twin Towers behind us.

Sadly it was past midnight and the lights on the KL Tower were off. 
I guess this place would be great for sunsets, it's windy so no worries about the heat, I guess.
Look at the chairs *facepalm*.

It probably be a good one time visit and that's about it.

Though if the dresscode is toned down to more casual wear than smart casual, I would probably come back for sunset watching, enjoying a bottle of wine.

With who else better than him hehe.

The girls wanted to take some pictures with the beautiful Twin Towers.
Little do you know but we were suffering from the cold wind in our skirts!

But it turned out to be a fun challenge braving the wind and keeping our hair prim and proper for a picture haha! & who can deny the wonderful backdrop right?

Us ♡

Jeewei, Choi and I.

The boys.

Jeewei and I.

Well we moved to the lower deck, or the club, cause it looks like a club to me. To shelter us from the wind. I guess the wind was extra strong that night!

My outfit of the night by Style Me Bubbly.

Three Floors Inspired Dress. Love it!
My body looks like it has a gradient skin tone lol. Anyways got it fixed weeks after at Hua Hin (post on that coming soon!).

Had a wonderful time with the bunch. 
I think I finally found a balance with my nightly outings lol.

Check out Heli Lounge at Menara KH, opposite Wisma Genting.
Tell me what you think.

*their pre-order is ending on the 15th of Feb, so be quick!*

Till then!


Billy Toh said…
You look gorgeous and sexy in the last few snapshot of yourself.
Anyway, I've been to Helipad with my friends as well....although the view is awesome, I think the environment isn't really what we expected. Like you said, it's better for sunset view etc. The lower deck, which is a club I assume had some beautiful music but once you're up, it's so quiet. Probably it'll be better for a romantic night out or something like that. Well, after the one time visit, I doubt I'll go back to Heli Lounge though.
Jovys said…
Nice place with nice view. You so pretty.
stephiielim said…
Hi Billy :)
Yeah sadly it seems like they didn't put any effort in making the place look better. It felt very half-past. It didn't really bother me that it was quiet up there on the helipad, just the surroundings felt very 'empty' if you know what I mean. Same goes for me, unless there's a special occasion, I doubt I will be back soon.
stephiielim said…
Hi Jovys, thank you for that compliment :)

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