One Republic Native Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur ♡ 2013

We were pretty stoked for this! As the day of the concert approached I was anxious and excited, words cannot explain, omg I'll finally get to see Ryan Tedder live in his pure raw awesomeness.

We entered the event space quite early as we didn't want to miss out on a good spot to hang, the closer the better haha. Plus we didn't know how the layout would be so better to be safe than sorry!

Us before we got all hot and sweaaaaaaty! 
And tip for you guys whenever you're attending raves/concerts at Sunway Surf Beach, NEVER EVER WEAR SHOES. It'll get wet, dirty or muddy.

So we bumped into Miss Joyee, and that's where we ended up most of the night. That spot was the bomb, it was elevated haha. So we could definitely see everything yayyers! I pity those who bought normal tickets though, it look like it was way behind and the view was obstructed by tents and what nots.

Joyee is very excited to see me, the camera or Erin haha.
So we waited patiently, about an hour or so and finally...

Guessed who shows up on the stage with a mask?
Ah yes, it's Mr Ryan Tedder!
One Republic was finally up and the crowd went craaaaazy!
Here's a little snippet of their light show --> CLICK HERE 

I didn't take a video with my camera as I was super stoked jumping around.


Nevertheless, an upclose shot of Ryan Tedder hehe.

There he goes belting out all the famous One Republic hits, with his superb vocals. Oh my god I died and went straight to heaven, it was so freaking good. I mean his voice is spectacular! 

Here's a video :

One Republic - Stop & Stare

The lights were amazing, though the sound system was quite bad. It kinda blocked his powerful vocals and it turned out shaky but nevertheless we can feel and hear the amazing vocal he has.

Ryan was amazing, he is also VERY VERY FUNNY. He made funny jokes 'bout certain things, a true entertainer I would say, totally talented! He sings, he plays the piano, guitar and he's funny! Ooh and a little bit sarcastic if you can tell :p

Here's a snippet of him being funny :

He totally engaged with the crowd, and he made everyone felt very connected. Writing this now, I totally miss this moment :'( It was fun, epic, we sang our hearts out, jumped like there's no tomorrow, danced like no ones watching.

Me and the sister.

Finally the last song of the night.
I went crazy, I teared, I was happy!
If only I had a field to run to and sing this out loud with Ryan Tedder singing live in the background haha, I know I am weird and I sound like a fifteen year old girl right now.

It ended perfectly, just the right amount of everything.
So thankful we made it cause we were contemplating at first, thank god no regrets!

Hope you enjoy the videos.

Till then!



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