Valentines dinner ♡ Azur at Shangri-La, Putrajaya.

Was invited to try out the special menu for Valentine Day by Azur at Shangri-La, Putrajaya recently. 
It was my second time at Shangri-La, Putrajaya. 

Despite the distance from the city, I enjoyed the ride there as it was a smooth journey (highway all the way) and you get to avoid the hustle & bustle of the city for a bit. Shangri-La Putrajaya is like a haven as it's surrounded by lush greeneries and scenic views. I couldn't wait to see the settings of the restaurant! I could only imagine a very intimate night with the boyfriend :)

Azur was almost exactly like what I pictured with its high ceiling, soothing colours and magnificent view of the gardens. It is really good to have a change in scenery for like a long time coming. We didn't feel like we have people prying on us 24/7 as all tables were spaced out perfectly and you definitely cannot eavesdrop on your neighbors conversation, so hooray to intimate quite dinner time!

Before I start off with the food review, me and Adrienne in our floral outfit of the night.

Coincidently we wore something floral and almost in the same colour!

Okay let's get started.

Complimentary starters by the chef while we await our 3-course dinner.
Just an idea of what will be served, this already looked so delicate :)

For the first dish, the appetizer - Grilled Sea Scallop with Green Pea Mousse and Crispy Carrot.

Loved the succulent scallops, they were really fresh and juicy! Liked how the chili slice with cream, fish roe and olive was complimenting the scallops. Everything else on the plate went well too. It was done with extra caution (you could tell!) as scallops can't be overcooked, and this was just perfectly done.

For the second dish, we had Soup & Pasta - Clear Venison Soup with Pearl Vegetables accompanied with Angel Hair Pasta served with Duck Ragout & Truffle Sauce.

Okay, they didn't taste like much but that took my full attention I totally almost forgotten about the other two. It was so cute and to see the effort put in to the dish just makes me want to eat them more hehe. Plus, things like these makes great table talks lol. Anyways, the Angel Hair Pasta was creamy but just the right amount of creaminess, but thumbs up for the Duck Ragout as it was tender and the Venison Soup helped bind the dish together. All the flavours just dancing in my mouth made me a very happy girl ;)

Next was the Palate Cleanser - Lime Sherbet with Mandarin Oranges. (if you include this it would be a 4-course dinner)

Before the main-course, we had this refreshing palate cleanser served to us.
I thought it was dessert for a second there as Azur totally didn't stinge on the serving size and the whole idea of having it in a margarita glass allowed me to be all lady-like which was a major plus point as usually palate cleansers would be served in shot glasses and you'll consume it like your drinking a shot, which wouldn't be so lady-like for valentines would it? 

For the maincourse, there were two choices to choose from so we settled with the Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Green Apple and Pecorino Cheese, served with Potatoes, Spinach and Baby Carrots for the gent and Pan Fried Salmon Fillet with Deep Fried Oysters served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Rocket Pesto Sauce for the lady (me). Well, you could both have the same thing but we like varieties and so we ordered two different dishes.

The boyfriend enjoyed his dish but he commented that the beef would be more enjoyable if he had asked for medium instead of well-done. Of course, this depends on the individuals preferences. I loved the fluffiness of the mash potatoes and we both liked how it was served in a very simple setting though it sounded so long and complicated on the menu!

For my dish, I firstly enjoyed the salmon. It wasn't flaky and overcooked. It was still pink and really tender smooth. The rocket pesto sauce accompanied the taste of the fresh salmon perfectly and the fresh vegetables were refreshing after every bite.

Finally after what felt like more than 3-courses (which is good!) we were finally served the last dish,  Dessert - Diplomatic Heart with Tiramisu with Chestnut Mousse Filling.

Again, I am a sucker for everything heart shaped!
Looking at the plate alone, I totally appreciate the extra details of the edible gold dust, walnut bits on cream, chocolate piece (not really visible in pic) and slice of strawberry. The cake was just nice and not to rich or sweet which brings the whole dinner to a proper close. Wonderful ending I would say.

Role reversal, spoon feeding the boyfriend :)
Well, we shared laughters and talked about the good times we had together, all of these accompanied by a lovely dinner by Azur. It was a lovely evening for both of us and we both felt satisfied.

The dinner cost RM200nett per person, which I would say it is affordable for a Valentine Day meal. Wine is not included though the set itself has a range of juices, coffee and tea to order from but if you want to top up you can enjoy the house pouring wines.

We both preferred the white wine and it went really well with dinner too!

A few pictures before I end this post.

All of the couples for the night, all the smiles on the faces :)

Picture of us girls and the chef who put together all these stunning yummy dishes.

Adrienne and her boyf, me and Howie.

Adrienne and I.

Lastly the boyfriend and I.

So do check out Azur at Shangri-La, as I do recommend it as one of my choice for a elegant, intimate valentines dinner with your date!

For any reservations and enquiries,
please call 03-8887 8834.

Putrajaya Shangri-la
Taman Putra Perdana,
Presint 1,
62000 Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya,

Email Address:

Till then!


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