✈ Krabi ♡ 2013 [pt. IV] ✈

Last and final part of my Krabi trip in 2013, I know it took me so long but so much has been happening I couldn't keep up with my Travelogue section for a bit and I am so sorry about that.

Anyways, for the last day we just relaxed at Ao Nang as the day before we was just island hopping and was pretty exhausted from that.

Ao Nang is gorgeous but it is not the best beach in Thailand as the sand isn't as soft and white as compared to the likes of Koh Samui or even Phuket. But it is a very laid back and quite spot compared to the other two.

We took a stroll around town and had some last minute shopping done.
Somehow I bought more stuff here than Phuket which was a shocker. They had clothes which was more in-style compared to all the souvenir like clothings and trinkets found in Phuket.

It was my last day in Krabi, hence my dressing. Didn't have anything left to wear already haha!
It was a beautiful sunny day and it was windy , we didn't feel the heat at all which was great.

We did our shopping, had a simple lunch and went for a swim after.

For dinner, dad brought us to this gorgeous mountain-side restaurant called The Hilltop Restaurant that was overlooking Krabi.

 The gorgeous view of the peaks of the mountains, overlooking the ocean and oh my god, the beautiful sunset!

Picture's couldn't do justice for the amazing view I was taking in.
It was just something I thought I saw in the postcards.

The best time to be there is before sunset which is about 6pm local time.
Order a cocktail by the bar while basking in the gorgeous view.

We were being all touristy and took pictures at every spot we could.

It is definitely something you can't get every where.
From the restaurant we could spot beautiful islands all around.

The restaurant provides shuttle busses to pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.
So do make an appointment before heading there and arrange transport from your hotel just incase your not very good with the address of where you're staying.

A perfect place for couples to enjoy!

Deep thoughts while overlooking the ocean?

I was in dream world. It felt surreal to be there, yet alone dine there.

After being seated at our table, we browsed through the menu.
One thing for sure, it wasn't cheap. Firstly, you're in Thailand ; there's tons of yummy cheap food round every corner in Thailand. Secondly, the minimum price for a bottle of wine was about RM300 AND the portion of the dishes were just average, just nice for two pax and not more. 

The sun was finally setting on the horizon, giving off this beautiful orangey hue.
It reminded me of cotton candy and funfair.

We took our last pictures before started off dining.

Though I did mention about the price and portion of the dishes, the food still tasted very good.
Here are the few things we've ordered.

Green Curry Chicken.

Fried Omelette.

Stir Fried Mix Vege.

Flower Crab in Curry Paste. (MY MUST HAVE WHEN I'M IN THAILAND!)

Fried Rice. (You can see that for the fried rice, it was really small and fed about one person only).

Of course a bottle of wine for dinner.

And last but not least, Mango Sticky Rice ; my favourite.

It was a great ending to a great escape.
Ao Nang, Krabi is a perfect place for that chilled laid back vacation with good food, cheap shopping and amazing view!

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