Mixx Club's Second Anniversary ♡

I totally missed out last year's fun as I couldn't attend Mixx Club's First Anniversary and I got to hear it from Tim about how much fun he and the girls had so I told myself I am not gonna miss out on this year's celebration again! 

Howie and I left Kuala Lumpur around lunch time and took a nice drive down to Malacca stopping along the way for snacks and drinks. It's been a while since we drove outstation; I can't stand long rides due to my backaches which can get quite painful at times. So I was pretty stoked to get to Malacca as it's been a while since I've been there. 
We stayed at the Hatten Hotel which was great as it’s right next door to Mahkota Parade where Mixx Club is located so we didn’t need to drive over! Meaning I could drink and have fun. I don't drink and drive, I am normally the designated driver boo*
Mixx Club is centrally located inside Mahkota Parade which is right in the heart of Malacca town. There's definitely no missing this landmark when your at Malacca. The club is a multi-room entertainment centre with different genre of music playing in each room so there’s definitely something for everyone. Being located in a shopping centre has its advantages as party-goers can grab a bite from the many eateries there before going to party while there’s ample parking inside and outside the mall.
We were then ushered to our own private table with an amazing view of the whole club. It was quite packed when we got there, but the high ceiling inside made it feel so much more spacious and definitely not stuffy at all. And the perks of having our own space was great as we got to be all silly hehe.
Soon after Venice Min joined us at Mixx Club, such a coincidence that her table was just next to ours. 
The lasers were amazing! I think lighting plays an important part in any club and these babies were really eye catching. We were partying in the mainroom which is called Paradox and by 10pm it was already filled to the brim.

We got entertained by jaw-dropping acrobatic acts on stage, a comedian and even some rendition of Rihanna's hit songs.

A wonderful performance by a group of aerialists from Singapore left the crowd enthralled by their graceful and high-flying moves after which a stand-up comedy set left the guests in stitches! We were quite impressed by the variety of entertainment for the night. Definitely not the usual run of the mill “DJ playing music the whole night” sort of party which was something new for me. I laughed so hard during the stand-up comedy that I was almost in tears!

This was then followed by a spectacular performance by a group of Chinese acrobats who displayed tremendous dexterity and balance. I doubt it’s easy it's easy having hundreds of hula hoops rotating around your hips (for this case, whole of your body) let alone even carrying them! Can you imagine the weight of all of those hula hoops?
The crowd was really pumping by midnight and DJ Leonard T really got the vibe going as he started off with songs from back in the days, to the 90's and present. 

The hype built up was great as our 'Malaysian Heros' DJ Goldfish and Blink were up next!

The crowd went crazy when the duo went up on stage and started their set.
It was massive!

We went infront, joining the rest and also the crowd who was having so much fun.
The atmosphere was just crazyyy! We sang along to some songs, danced our hearts out. It was so much fun!

Puiyee and I. We eventually returned to our table, all exhausted. My stamina has seriously dropped so much since I was in highschool! But we continued drinking and snapping pictures. 

Howie and I.

The boys played an amazing set. 
I remember thr crowd asking for an encore!

Here's a video of a sit down they did :

Sorry but the bass was so loud it baffled my camera's mic hahaha.

After their set, Alvin and Blink came by to our table for a few drinks and stayed until the event ended. We realised how hungry all of us were (from dancing and jumping, and them playing their set) so we headed for some nice Malaccan supper! 

Twas' was an awesome night at Mixx Club's Second Anniversary! Mixx Club is a really cool party venue and of course the Malacca party people are really up for a good time.
Luckily I didn't miss out on this years event and hope to be there again next year :)

Mixx Club Malacca is located at :
Lot S19, Second Floor, Mahkota Parade,
No.1, Jln Merdeka,
75000 Melaka,
For reservations call 016-6235577 or 016-6215577
Open daily except Sunday from 8.00pm till late.

Photo credits: Mixx Club, Andy Kho and Tim Chew


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