Valentines Day dinner at Zenzero ♡

We decided to have a simple Valentine Day this year as our anniversary was just a month ago and his birthday falls on the same month too. It's a bit overwhelming to be splurging 3 events in the span of two months so we opted for a nice dinner in a newly opened restaurant at St. Mary Residences called Zenzero.

It's a very nice quaint restaurant at St. Mary's, same row as Black Market but just at the other end. The boyf heard that the chef from Il Lido is now whipping up delicious meals at Zenzero and we decided to give it a try. Although he was kinda put off by how it's a set menu as he wanted to choose dishes and stuff.

We settled down at our table, it was a little bit tight to the neighbors table but it was okay as the lights were dimmed and I didn't feel like someones overhearing our conversation.

The boyfriend and I.

We given a choice of Bellini or Prosecco on arrival.
I settled for Bellini (it's my fav!) and he chose the latter.

The service was fast, polite and proper which I love. To be honest I don't know much about Zenzero (rating, food wise, etc) so we didn't expect much as we weren't all up for Valentines as I've mentioned above but the service was impeccable which made us feel like we were at a five star restaurant.

Our starter - Foie Gras & Oysters.
Weird combo if you ask me but I loved it! It actually went well together. The creaminess of the foie gras and the succulent fresh oysters. 

While we waited for our appetizers..

Mushroom stuffed ravioli with black truffle on top was delicious! I have this thing for ravioli recently and it's pretty hard to come across a dish that gets my mouth all watered as for some reason not many knows how to make them fresh. The size might be too small, the dough to thick, so on.

For the main course we both had the Angus Steak, medium rare. 

It was really good as the steak melted in my mouth with every bite!

And finally desserts.

For the dessert, it was pretty normal. From everything we've tasted, I expected to be more wow-ed. Nevertheless the strawberries were really juicy and sweet.

Optional picture of us cause we were the third couple left and it didn't feel so awkward haha ;

Outfit of the night 

(Oh My Love Dress, H&M Necklace, Saint Laurent Tassel Bag, Tony Bianco Heels)


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