a little of what I've been up to ♡

Met up with the girlfriend for a catch up session as she has 'booked me in advance' *hahahah lol* on that particular date as both of us are always busy bees and end up postponing our playdates :p

Had a nice time talking over tapas and wine, then over to Tous Les Jours for a cheesecake tart and hot chocolate! Love how we can talk about fashion NON STOP lol.

Then it was the usual drinking dates I have with the buddies who are all so busy now with work and stuff that whenever we get to meet up it'll be filled with much more laughters and stomach cramps from all that!

Another day I headed over to Midvalley as I had an appointment there and treated myself to a day of yummy food and good wine. 

The boyfriend accompanied me for lunch, and he's back to being a camera shy guy boo!

Totally candid shot of me and I had this mischievous look on my face. Wonder what I was think about hurhur.

Headed down to Malacca for a short getaway from Kuala Lumpur with the buddies for a weekend of partying and of course, FOOD. It was a pretty last minute decision to head down and by the time we got there it was already night fall.

Had this really awesome Cheese Prawn Noodle but sadly I didn't take any pictures cause I was starving so badly I totally forgotten about it. I promise I will take pictures the next time I get to savour the dish!

After dinner we headed to the cinemas to watch Swedish House Mafia's Leave The World Behind which I thought was pretty good except the fact that they should've shown other stages than the same one over and over again. Checked in to the hotel, we stayed at Hatten again. Changed and dolled up in 15mins and it was off to Mixx Club!

Once again my pretty shy boyfriend.

So the selfie song came on... #letustakeaselfie

The boyfriend and I.

Headed to the dancefloor for some silly moments with the boyfriend.
Dance, sang out loud. I live for the nights that I can't remember with the people that I won't forget ♡

Went for Assam Pedas after.
When I am tipsy, anything spicy would taste mundane to me.

The next day we checked out late, totally overslept but managed to make it for lunch.
Quite epic I would say, the alarms didn't ring, the hotel didn't call. 

When the chicken was served... I gobbled up everything ahah sorry guys!

After lunch we headed to the infamous Jonker Walk for desserts.

Settled for Cendol at Jonkey 88.
There was such a long queue for tables that we decided to stand and eat.

Pretty fun weekend !

Will update more soon , x.


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