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Finally checked out the tea set everyone's raving about at The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
I've been to the hotel numerous amount of times but I never got around to having tea. 

Sometimes I just get put off when it crosses my mind about getting all dressed up in a hot humid afternoon for something of a casual date with my girlfriends, like I would really rather be dressed in sweatpants with my hair tied up then that.

Nevertheless I do enjoy having tea and pastry, so I dragged myself to get all pretty for an afternoon date at The Majestic Hotel. 

Tea starts at 3pm and ends at 6pm. While there is no menu for you to choose from (even the tea!) as everything is set by the chefs already. I was pretty bummed as I was looking forward in having a cup of Earl Grey. 

Nevertheless the tray seemed filling and I was quite pleased. For RM48++ I would say it's pretty okay as I've heard of other places with prices that goes up to RM80++ and the selection/taste is just average.

Taste wise, it was good. The sandwiches are normal but they didn't sting on the filling, the fried pastries tasted delicious and the meringue was perfect! I hate how some meringues get all icky and sticks on your teeth and stuff, those are just horrid to have in your mouth. This one just melts in your mouth! 

Cheese cake reminded me of something I made during highschool, I would definitely say it's good but haha I might be bias about that particular one. Scones were fine, not too flaky and not too soft. Tea was average though, I still want my Earl Grey.

It started to rain outside, more like a heavy down pour and since we were too early for dinner we stayed a bit longer. 

I would definitely go back one day, but I will dress so casually and bring a book along with me and sit in a corner. It would be an absolute bliss! Probably my new secret hideout when I need of of those me times.

Outfit of the day :
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Jumpsuit - Stylish Vogue
Shoes - Tony Bianco
Earrings - FashionValet.com

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Till then!


Anonymous said…
Real lady!
Great photos, amazing outfit!

sgrmse. said…
if it wasn't earl grey, then what tea was it? (: gaaahhh!!! i need to try this tea set out :D i'm madly in love with afternoon tea <3
stephiielim said…
I seriously don't remember, the problem with waiters there is that they HAVE to whisper and I couldn't really catch what they we're saying. Nevertheless, the food and service is good so I would totally recommend that place!

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