✈ Cebu ♡ [pt. II] ✈

Continuation from where I left off HERE.

So we moved from the city to Mactan for a beach retreat.
Somehow I guess our timing to Cebu was pretty off as it was mostly raining the whole trip. Such a bummer as I was looking forward to a sunny vacation.

Nevertheless, when we got to Crimson Resort and Spa it was gorgeous!
Now imagine if it was a sunny day (   ˘ω˘ )

While checking in we camwhored and strolled around the foyer of the lobby. The place was huge, filled with loads of activities and chalets, spas and what not.

We sat down for a bit as a big group of people were checking in, they were there for some team building company trip.

Played a traditional game of congkak with Erin, while the lovely staffs of Crimson brought us some fruit tea.

It wasn't long till we received our keys from the receptionist and was ushered to our beautiful villa.

If it really really really wasn't for the bad weather, the trip to Mactan would've been perfect!
Anyways the room was lovely, cosy and nicely lighted. 

And it was just a stone's throw away from the beach!

See what I mean by better weather?
All the activities we could've done. Didn't want to take the chance playing in the rain and falling sick on a vacation.

After settling down we headed to the resorts restaurant for some lunch.

Had yummy pork knuckles before catching the shuttle van to a mall nearby.

We didn't think that there would be anything to do in the mall.

There were shops like Zara, MNG and so on.
We went crazy in the Forever 21 as it was more updated than the one back in Kuala Lumpur.

After a couple of hours spent in town, we headed back to the resort. 
Bought some cardigans/sweaters to accommodate the chilly weather. We seriously didn't pack anything thick cause we thought it was gonna be hot and sunny, lesson learnt, ALWAYS BRING SOMETHING WARM ; just incase.

Back at the resort, changed into our swimsuits and headed to the beach cause it stopped drizzling.

Got to catch the sunset, and dipped our toes in the water.
Boy was it freezing cold!

However we both had some fun, laughing around and walking on the jetty.
Too bad we didn't get to go into the water. That would've been crazy!

Will continue this soon, guess which huge mammal we got to swim with?

Till then!



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