✈ Hua Hin & Bangkok ♡ 2014 [pt. II] ✈

Second part of my Hua Hin/Bangkok trip.

So the next day was an early start as we wanted to make full use of our time at Hua Hin.

As we didn't stay near to the city area we hired a cab to transport our luggage to a nearby hotel.
Which was just opposite the mall.

Settled our bags and checked in before heading for lunch just opposite.
It was a beautiful bright sunny day!

Yeap, we were there for Chinese New Year as the passing of my late beloved grandmother we weren't allowed to celebrate Chinese New Year this year. 

We miss her dearly, and we thought about times we would drive down to Johor Bahru for the festivities and everyone would fly back from around the world to celebrate this auspicious event. I miss her smile and her kind heart ; I will remember her beautiful laugh always.

Back to Hua Hin, after a simple lunch of Pad Thai which was just alright we went to Swensen's for ice cream! Who doesn't love ice cream especially in this weather?

Ordered the Valentine's day set cause it was so cute and pretty!
It's a must (well to me) to have Swensen's whenever I'm in Thailand. Somehow Swensen's in Malaysia isn't doing too good, and it's also better in Thailand.

Heart shaped candle, strawberries everywhere, I like!

After a filling dessert we explored a little bit.
Little did we know our hotel was near the beach, I knew there's a beach in Hua Hin but I never expected it to be this pretty! The pictures online certainly didn't do it justice. 

It's a long stretch of soft sand, and blue waters. I was madly in love. 
It reminded me of Gold Coast, Australia. 

I was so happy we stumbled upon the beach or our whole trip to Hua Hin would just be wasted.
Now I know why people call it the Royal place to be and why the Thailand Royalties come here for a getaway!

The water is bluer than Ao Nang, Krabi and definitely a hundred times better than Pattaya.

We went back to the hotel to change into our bathing suits then it's off to the beach!

Getting my tan on!
See how soft the sand is? I wasn't kidding when I said that.

We lazed on the beach for a couple of hours watching people parasailing and riding on horses.
I think I've found a gem :)

Went back to the room and rested for a while before heading off to dinner.
Went back to the main street where the night market is for some more seafood indulgence!

Yes I know the plating might not look appetising or five-stars but the taste is superb.
So delicious and so reasonable!

From super fresh cockles, which are hard to come by in Malaysia to Lobsters for RM100 a kilo ; it got my appetite going. And it did not disappoint! Everything was so fresh, and the sauce didn't over kill it.

Hua Hin is definitely a place to go for relaxation, food, and beautiful beaches.

The next day we moved to Cha Am, another area of Hua Hin.
It's 30 minutes away so if you are ever booking a hotel for Hua Hin becareful about the location you're choosing as Cha Am is pretty dead at night and the beach isn't as clean and beautiful.

Checked into Novotel Cha Am. The hotel looks new and it's probably the tallest building in that area.
The swimming pool with the beach backdrop is just absolutely stunning. And look at those sunbeds! So many around the pool weeee :D

The rooms were big and comfy but sadly there wasn't any bathtub.
But the view did make up for it ;)

Just blue skies and clear waters all the way up until the horizon.

Erin and I didn't waste any time and headed to the pool right away.

After all it's a vacation to relax and rejuvenate away from Kuala Lumpur.
Spent the whole day lazing by the pool then by the cabana at the beach. Posted those pictures on my Instagram but somehow didn't take any on my camera.

Then it was dinner nearby the hotel, a massage and I then had one of the most awesome sleep since I could remember.

Part three coming up soon and that'll be about Bangkok.

Till then!



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