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Did LOUD for the boyfriends pre-birthday countdown.
There isn't much hype to celebrate birthdays after a certain age I guess, the feeling comes and goes.
One minute you could be super stoked 'bout it and the next feeling all down and depressed cause you're turning a year older.

Spent the day with the boyfriend pampering him then it was simple night out in town.

Sillies and I.


The boys.
Then the drinks kept coming.

I think birthdays are the things you do once a year , which really kills your liver especially if you drink on a weekly basis. If it's your birthday you'll tend to drink even more.

Whiskey Shots.

Flaming Lambo.
Can anyone explain to me why is it called a Flaming Lamborghini?

From the bottle.

See what I mean?
This is not even half of it, but it's cray enough.

Thank god no one bought Graveyard. That drink is just horrible!
The taste is gross. I wonder who came up with that.

The boyfriend and my CMI face.

Love this camera, the quality of pictures are so much better than my current camera. Think I need an upgrade but I have a few to choose from sigh. It's such a tough decision when it comes to gadgets. I don't like making mistakes and a few I've made buying phones and camera really kills as it's not cheap.

Love this picture :)

Till then!


sgrmse. said…
happy belated to your boy friend. (: looks like you guys had a fun time!

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