Monopod & Shutter ; #SELFIE craze

So last week, I purchased a monopod and hand held shutter (not in picture) for my iPhone 5 !
yay, two new toys. I can be such a gadget geek (ू。∵。)

There's two parts to the monopod, the stick and the holder.
You can screw on your camera to the stick alone or you can go on and attach the holder to hold your phone. So yes, it works on phones and cameras.

Anyways, I didn't expect to have so much fun with these two items.
Unboxed it the minute I sat down at the bar, and started experimenting.

Watch the video below and see what I think about it :

So what do you guys think?
These are the pictures I shot with my iPhone on the monopod, using the shutter to snap my pictures.

Okay, I was crashing Erin's room as my room can be a tad bit gloomy. I needed proper lighting to do the video haha. I love how with the shutter only, I can take pictures without stressing on how to position my hands to hold and snap pictures. And it only gets better with a monopod as I would be able to take selfies with a background and not just have my face cover the whole frame. Such a great invention! 

So anyways, I am selling these items if anybody are interested! Imagine outfit of the day photos using the bluetooth shutter! You can just leave my phone on a stool and take a photo of yourself eventhough you're standing far away from my phone.

Till then!
Enjoy this #SELFIE phase :p


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