✈ Singapore July 2013 [pt. III] ✈

Hey guys! 
Continuation of my Singapore trip which I totally forgotten about, I am so sorry for skipping out on this as I thought I finished up with this trip after posting the other two posts about Singapore. I got totally confused with things :(

Anyhoos, this post will be about my last day in Singapore during the last trip I made there.

In my very colourful retro ensemble over looking the very majestic Marina Bay Sands.
Singapore is  very beautiful city I must say.

We headed over to Shoppe at Marina Bay Sands for lunch at Mozza.
Probably one of my new favourite places for food!

To what I know, it gets really packed for dinner so if you're thinking of trying it out do head on over during lunch hour.

Compliments from the chef! :)

I know it looks like chicken, it does look like chicken to me now too but it's actually Grilled Octopus, something I was craving so badly but can never find good ones back home. Ah, cravings satisfied!

The boyfriend and the girlfriend patiently waiting for their food.
While I was sipping on some Bellini.This is how afternoons are supposed to be like! 

Super fresh pasta and clams!
I totally forgotten what this was called but it was awesome, it tasted so good and everything was super fresh.

After some walking around MBS, we headed up to Ku De Ta (Sky Bar) to catch the sunset and for some more drinks!

Excuse my hair, it was a long day and I've been sweating. Didn't help when it was actually super packed at Ku De Ta. 

A beautiful sunset, setting on the horizon. You get to see how much Singapore has moved forward from all the tall skyscrapers and amounts of buildings everywhere! But I love how this city still manages to maintain a good ratios of flora all around the city.

Oh and someone offered to help us to take a picture after all the countless attempts of us trying to take selfies on our own haha.
We explored the top deck for a bit and realized there was another side of the bar with nice plush sofas and the best part, it wasn't as packed as the other side too! Damn...

We headed back to rest and change before we started the night.

A lovely friend of mine picked us up and off we headed to 1 Altitude at One Raffles Place.

1-Altitude isn't just the highest rooftop bar in Singapore, it's the highest multi-experience lifestyle joint in the world, with a restaurant, bar and so on.

The view on top is just breath taking!
It's way better than Ku De Ta as it is way higher as you can see in the picture. Look at all the ships out on the waters. You can see the whole of Singapore from 1-Altitude.

With friends. The drinks were okay, not too watered down but I think he should have been a bit more 'kao' the prices are like what you would expect from a place like that. Nevertheless we had a fun time catching up and talking over drinks, it wasn't too loud on a Sunday and we were seated comfortably at a sofa table.

Apparently it's tough to get a nice spot and it's really crowded on weekends.

After drinks, me and baby dropped by Marina Bay Sands Casino, had supper and then it was time to sleep as we had a plane to catch.

We almost missed our flight cause we lost track of time and was having our lunch at Fish & Co. and surprisingly their so much better than the ones we have in KL!

Twas' was a wonderful sort getaway. 
Can't wait to go back to Singapore :D

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